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Last Updated: 4th Mar 2012

Mostly accomplished photo-realistic artworks inspired from top minerals are beautyful, fascinating and admired, sometimes more then professional photos. They are easy to understand like a superb specimen itself, without complicacy. Just wonderful.

Otherwise the whole inspiration of minerals is unlimited. She does not end by perfect copying.

The full palette of countless colors and all the forms, geometrical and others, are an enormous treasure for transformating in artworks. Often the locations and her landscapes are also very motivating.

For me as an artist and collector both varietys, copy or transformation, are options, but I choose normaly the experiment with the endles variety of geometric and free forms and the incredible repertory of very different colours to create some thing new.

In former times triangles, squares, octagons, pyramides and architectural plans were important for my work, but today in the center of my interest is the whole empire of minerals and cristals and also the geology. The source number one since 1984 is my collection of Aquamarines and other Beryls.

The natural order and the structure of minerals in connection with her colors are cause for create new artworks. This works remain in contact with the nature and are not only "abstract". Sometimes I integrate provocative slabs of beautyful rocks in my pictures.

Some hundred photos of Beryls and artworks are visible on my website: www.kunostoeckli.ch

I am living in Zurich Switzerland. artist since about 60 years. I am also member of mindat.org with photos from minerals and locations.
This article is part of "Aquamarine-Collection and Artwork" (4th Aug 2010)

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Nice! I really liked the website :)

Keep up the good work!


Bri Dragonne
6th Jan 2011 9:24pm

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