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Unusual mineral from Fraser Creek alluvials

Last Updated: 16th Jun 2012

This article mentioned carbonado from the locality. Respondents do not believe this is valid. I still hold the specimen.

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Hi Alan,
You say it is colourless, could it be scheelite? Perhaps check for a response with LW and SW ultraviolet light. Send me a private message, I have to do some SEM-EDAX work soon and could check the chemical compositions of a minute chip of the material for no charge.
Ben Grguric.

Ben Grguric (2)
24th May 2012 10:56am
A possibility that fits the description is diaspore, but I don't know the region (I'm form Belgium).

Erik Vercammen
27th May 2012 6:41pm
Erik, if the SG of the mineral is 5.9 it can't be diaspore. Diaspore has a max SG of 3.5 gm/cc.

Ben Grguric (2)
29th May 2012 1:41am
Indeed, I only took into consideration the cleavage and the hardness, and forgot about the density.

Erik Vercammen
29th May 2012 7:06pm
Thank you Ben and Eric, sorry that I have not logged in with Mindat for a while. I have had to pull my wife's car motor down and renew the head gasket and rocker seal, and I have caught a wretched cold. My neighbour ("Uncle" John)is away and due back this coming weekend, if the weather improves we will work through the wash and I'll put any suspect pieces into some bromoform. If I get some small heavy fragments, I'll post one to you. (Would bromoform residue spoil SEM?) The alternative would be to pan suspects as the one I found lags far back in the tail near a lead shot. I'll check the LW, but at present I don't have SW. Are you in Australia Ben?

Alan Melbourne
11th Jun 2012 7:47am
Hi Allan,
Yes I'm in Perth. Try sending me a private email through Mindat (I don't exactly know how, but have a try). You can get an EDAX chemical spectrum from a minute piece of sample (e.g. a pin head size) so even a tiny chip of your existing piece would be OK if you don't want to pan more. You could send a tiny piece of your new ruby silver from the Newee Creek mine as well for checking (e.g. proustite vs pyragyrite) if you wish. Regards, Ben.

Ben Grguric (2)
12th Jun 2012 10:56am

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