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The Everett Hayes Collection 1976

Last Updated: 7th Dec 2012

Everett Hayes was a member of the Michigan Mineralogical Society. During the 60's and 70's he put together a very fine mineral collection. In July of 1976, I had the opportunity to photograph the specimens that are shown here. In October of that year, I ran into Everett at the Greater Detroit Gem and Mineral Show. To my surprise, he told me that he had just sold his entire collection to a dealer. Within another year he had passed away.

This sort of illustrates the temporary nature of private collections. Minerals have a way of coming together, being dispersed, and then coming together again. Good specimens have a life of their own, moving from collector to collector as time passes.

Putting Everett's collection back together and posting it here, has several points of interest. The specimens themselves are beautiful to see again. The collection represents a point in time. It illustrates what was available during the 60's and 70's and what locations were producing at the time.

The labels are recorded here just as they appeared on the shelves of Everett's cabinets. You will notice that they do not meet today's standards. Even the labels represent a point in time.

Amethyst, Guerrero, Mexico

Topaz, Villa Rica, Brazil

Wulfenite, Los Lamentos, Mexico

Memitite, Chihuahua, Mexico

Wulfenite with Memitite, San Francisco Mine, Mexico

Rhodochrosite, Alma, Colorado

Fluorite, Switzerland

Topaz, Karoi, South Rhodesia

Tourmaline in Quartz, Santa Rosa Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Tourmaline, Stewart Mine, Pala, California

Wulfenite, Defiance Mine, Gleeson, Arizona

Inesite, Trinity Co. California

Barite on Calcite, Elk Creek, Meade Co. South Dakota

Detail of Barite Crystal group

Smithsonite, Tsumeb, South West Africa

Smithsonite, Tsumeb, South West Africa

Microcline, Colorado

Adamite, Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Mexico

Euclase, Sao Sebastiao do Maranhao, Minas Gerias, Brazil

Legrandite, Mapimi, Mexico

Rhodochrosite, Hotazel, South West Africa

Rhodocrosite, Argentina

Chalcotrichite on copper, Ray Mine, Arizona

Malachite on calcite, Tsumeb, South West Africa

Vanadinite, Mibladen, Morocco

Cobaltoan Calcite, Bou Azer, Morocco

Copper in calcite, Keweenaw Co. Michigan

Apophyllite on heulandite, Khadakwasla, India

Beryl, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Anhydrite, Nacia, Chihuahua, Mexico

Tourmaline, Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, California

Copper, Ajo, Arizona

Linarite, Graham Co. Arizona

Scolecite, San Francisco de Paula, Brazil

Beryl (Var. Morganite) Pala, California

Barite, Gaskins Mine, Pope Co. Illinois

Chabazite with Stilbite, Two Islands, Nova Scotia

Chabazite and Stilbite detail

Wulfenite, San Francisco Mine, Mexico

Hemimorphite, Esmeraldo Mine, Durango, Mexico

Pyromorphite, Wheatley Mine, Pennsylvania

Roselite, Bou Azer, Morocco

Smithsonite, Tsumeb, South West Africa

Strontainite, Hardin Co. Illinois

Silver, Batopilas, Mexico

Gold, Calaveras Co. California

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Lovely photos.
I like the thoughts and message behind the whole article. You must have liked Everett very much and I am sure that he would appreciate the effort that you have taken.


Keith Compton
7th Dec 2012 9:47pm
I am glad you liked the pictures, Keith.
Thanks for the comment.


Larry Maltby
8th Dec 2012 2:13am
Great collection, thanks for sharing.
John Montgomery

John Montgomery
12th Dec 2012 4:01pm
Great photo's. Thank you. It would be very helpful if you could put dimensions into the captions or somewhere.
David K. Joyce

David K. Joyce
7th Jan 2013 12:12am

When I photographed the collection in 1976, I did not record the size of the specimens. They were dispersed to many other collectors long ago. As I remember they ranged from small cabinet to medium cabinet in size. They did not require magnification for good viewing.


Larry Maltby
8th Jan 2013 3:44pm

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