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TGMS 2008 - The Crater of Diamonds

Last Updated: 6th Apr 2008

The Crater of Diamonds, Arkansas
The Crater of Diamonds is unique in being the only diamond-producing locality in the world operated as a fee-paying public collecting site. Anyone who visits can find diamonds - and many have. At the Tucson show in 2008, a collection of some of the best diamonds from this locality was assembled, and here are some photographs to show what was displayed.

A selection of Diamonds from the Crater of Diamonds

Shown surrounding this Arkansas special 25 cent coin are (left to right), a 2.24 carat diamond, the 2.18 carat "Moonshine diamond, the 1.45 carat "Black Beauty" diamond, the 2.01 carat "Fried Chicken" diamond and the 1.75 "Old Lofton" diamond. All from the Houran Collection.

The 5.47 carat "Sunshine Diamond" - Houran Collection

This 17.86 carat diamond is currently in the Smithsonian Institution (donated by Washington Augustus Roebling)

The 6.72 carat "Cooper Diamond" - Houran Collection

The 6.35 carat "Roden Diamond" - Houran Collection

The 6.23 carat "Bleeding Heart Diamond" - Houran Collection

The 3.43 carat "Lee Diamond" - Houran Collection

The 4.21 carat "Okie Dokie Diamond" - Houran Collection

The 8.82 carat "Star of Shreveport" - Houran Collection

Original Crater of Diamonds Certificate for the "Star of Shreveport"

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Jim, your passion for diamonds has impressed me greatly, you and Shelly are a joy to know. Thanks for letting us get a peak at these at the TGMS and thanks to Jolyon for giving us another peak on here!

Gail Spann
31st Mar 2008 5:38am
Thanks, Gail! We thought it was important to track down and preserve what notable stones still existed. It's an ongoing challenge, but it saddened us that some important US treasures (aka, diamonds) have been lost or stolen over the years. That was the motivation for all of this.

Cheers, Jim

Jim Houran
31st Mar 2008 4:36pm
Hi Jim! It was an impressive show and your display was one of several that made my day while there! For anywho, who may read this brief note, the pipe at the Crater of Diamonds State Park is called the Prairie Creek and it is a lamproite, tho originally termed a kimberlite in the early literature. I enjoyed seeing the diamonds in person and seeing these photos again!

J. Michael Howard
9th Jun 2008 2:36am

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