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Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows 2010 - Part 2

Last Updated: 20th Feb 2010

Fine Minerals International Show

Continuing on with the mineral shows in Tucson, my next stop was the mineral gallery of Fine Minerals International.

First, a nicely-arranged display of African Garnet specimens, a mixture of orange spessartine from Tanzania and green demantoid from Madagascar.

African Garnets

A group of demantoid

Another group of demantoid

Moving away from the garnet theme, they had a fantastic little specimen of phenakite from Mogok, Burma.

Phenakite from Mogok, Burma

For those who want a little more colour in their crystals, how about this fabulous minature of proustite from Chile:

Proustite from Chile

The Westward Look Show

Moving on again to the Westward Look show, a show where a smaller number of dealers show predominantly high-end specimens, we start with a lovely little scepter beryl from Nigeria, a Dan & Diana Weinrich specimen:

Beryl (Aquamarine) from Nigeria

The Mineral Gallery had many specimens of note, starting with this rhodochrosite from the Climax mine, Colorado.

Rhodochrosite from Colorado

This gold with petzite specimen from the Nugget Pond mine in Newfoundland, Canada was another interesting piece:

Gold and Petzite from Canada

Some nice electric blue... apatite from the paraiba mine, Brazil, courtesy of Rob Lavinsky

Apatite from Paraiba

A superb pink fluorite from the alps from Stonetrust:

Pink Fluorite

And last, but not least, this amazing dual-coloured beryl - half emerald and half aquamarine from the Swat Valley, Pakistan - this is a Stu Wilensky specimen.

Beryl from Swat Valley, Pakistan

The third and final part of my Tucson report will be coming very soon - and is all about the main TGMS show!

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really good and colorful pictures, I have been impressed to see the Proustite from my country. Thanks for the report.



Steffan Giadach Axt
20th Feb 2010 10:17pm

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