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22nd Apr 2012
article logoIbrahim JameelPakistan 20104 commentsGilgit, Gilgit District, Gilgit-Baltistan (Northern Areas), Pakistan

20th Apr 2012
article logoPeter CristofonoMinerals of Rollstone Hill, Fitchburg, Massachusetts7 commentsRollstone Hill Quarry, Fitchburg, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, USA

13th Apr 2012
article logoRowan LytleHistory and Mineralology of the Strickland Quarry7 commentsStrickland Quarry (Eureka Quarry), Strickland pegmatite (Strickland-Cramer Quarry; Strickland-Cramer Mine; Strickland-Cramer Feldspar-Mica Quarries), Collins Hill, Portland, Middlesex Co., Connecticut, USA

10th Apr 2012
article logoIda Chau6th Hong Kong Mineral Fair  第六屆香港礦物展 3 comments

4th Apr 2012
article logoRock CurrierA story about color rock4 commentsAndrade Mine, João Monlevade, Iron Quadrangle, Minas Gerais, Brazil

1st Apr 2012
article logoRick DalrympleThe Bullion Plaza Museum in Miami, AZ0 comments

29th Mar 2012
article logoChad CramerMaine, New Show, New Venue1 comment

26th Mar 2012
article logoJolyon & Katya RalphA Geological Timescale for Creationists50 comments

21st Mar 2012
article logoAlfredo PetrovMining Tourmaline in North Korea (and similar acts of mineralogical desperation)7 comments

18th Mar 2012
article logoRobert SimonoffGaithersburg, Maryland Club Show5 comments

9th Mar 2012
article logoEtienne MedardMineral identification0 comments

6th Mar 2012
article logoKuno StoeckliAquamarine-Collection, new: extraLapis No.40 BRAZIL 7 comments
article logoKuno StoeckliChapada Diamantina is not Diamantina0 comments
article logoPeter SerokaMessum Crater - a unique collecting experience2 commentsMessum Crater, Messum Igneous Complex, Brandberg Area, Erongo Region, Namibia

5th Mar 2012
article logoFarid MohammadiEnvironment Of Iran's Travertines0 comments

4th Mar 2012
article logoKuno StoeckliMinerals: a treasure of inspiration for artists1 comment

17th Feb 2012
article logoRichard GunterType Locality Schirmerite1 comment

14th Feb 2012
article logoPeter AndresenLevel 0 to 2 pegmatite, 2007-2010.0 commentsA/S Granit Quarry, Tuften (Tuften 1 Quarry; Tuften 2 Quarry), Tvedalen, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway

13th Feb 2012
article logoThe Evje og Hornnes geomuseum, Fennefoss1. History and overview over the Evje og Hornnes geomuseum, Fennefoss0 commentsEvje og Hornnes, Aust-Agder, Norway

12th Feb 2012
article logoThe Evje og Hornnes geomuseum, FennefossThe Evje og Hornnes geomuseum, Fennefoss - INTRODUCTION4 commentsEvje og Hornnes, Aust-Agder, Norway

11th Feb 2012
article logoFrank Festa13. The Richardson Gold Mine, ElDorado, Ontario0 comments

7th Feb 2012
article logoKeith A. PeregrineX-Ray Diffraction of Keokuk Geode Samples, Part 1 of 30 comments
article logoKeith A. PeregrineX-Ray Diffraction of Keokuk Geode Samples, Part 3 of 30 commentsHamilton, Hancock Co., Illinois, USA
article logoKeith A. PeregrineBuergerite Identified by X-Ray Diffraction1 commentOreville District, Pennington Co., South Dakota, USA

4th Feb 2012
article logoKeith A. PeregrineX-Ray Diffraction of Keokuk Geode Samples, Part 2 of 30 commentsHamilton, Hancock Co., Illinois, USA

3rd Feb 2012
article logoRichard GunterWightmanite0 commentsCrestmore quarries, Crestmore, Riverside Co., California, USA

29th Jan 2012
article logoRowan LytleHale Walker7 commentsHale-Walker prospects, Collins Hill, Portland, Middlesex Co., Connecticut, USA

24th Jan 2012
article logoJohn BeanLAZY HOARDER!4 comments

23rd Jan 2012
article logoPhilip Persson (2)“Some Notes on a Novel Fluorescent Mineral Assemblage from the Franklin Mine, NJ2 comments

22nd Jan 2012
article logoFrank Festa12. Exploring Former Mining Sites From Kaladar to Fernleigh Ontario, Canada7 comments
article logoAmir C. AkhavanPhotos of Fake Skeletal Galena2 commentsMadan ore field, Rhodope Mts, Smolyan Oblast, Bulgaria

21st Jan 2012
article logoRowan LytleConnecticut Tourmaline4 commentsTourmaline

20th Jan 2012
article logoMichael AdamowiczBeryl Pit, Where the Beryls Hide in Ontario1 commentBeryl Pit (Quadeville East mine), Lyndoch Township, Renfrew Co., Ontario, Canada

17th Jan 2012
article logoJolyon & Katya RalphMindat.org evening presentations at Tucson's Pueblo Show6 comments
article logoJolyon & Katya RalphThe Vug Magazine Book4 comments

16th Jan 2012
article logoPhilip Persson (2)U-REE Mineralization in the Fe Deposits of the New Jersey Highlands3 comments
article logoEverett HarringtonStoneco Auglaize quarry, Junction, Paulding Co., Ohio, USA recent finds0 commentsStoneco Auglaize quarry (Maumee Stone Co. quarry), Junction, Paulding Co., Ohio, USA

15th Jan 2012
article logoPhilip Persson (2)'An Essay on the Modern Mineral Specimen Market; or,“Mineral Prices: Why so High0 comments

14th Jan 2012
article logoStephen MoretonDefending the freedom to collect minerals.17 comments

12th Jan 2012
article logoRolf Luetckehome page article1 comment
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