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29th Mar 2009

I have spent countless hours (1,000+) hours looking into the internet looking for pictures of my materials; There arent any. I have looked at crystals, fosils, meteors(lunars and SNK too), algae, corals, gastrolith, geoges, agates, jaspers, rhyolites, symplectites, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rock, igneous rock. The quasarites are non of these things. So what the Frick are they?
I have stumbled onto a term Spherulite that really sums up what it is I have. This search in google images brings up a lot of information in particle physics, Phase field theory, "smectic thermotropic phase", polymer phisics, a lot of other disciplins. The net effect is that these are being done in a lab (test tube?) and photographed under very small microscopic conditions. Or conversly the stuff is being predicted mathematically with a computer and the images are plotted with a computer. Yes but do they have any real samples of naturally occuring rocks that display what they are researching like I do? I wonder. - Matt B.

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