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Adding text for region pages

21st Jul 2009

One thing I feel mindat could be improved with is to have a greater number of locality region pages with text descriptions for the region. These can discuss the geology, mineralogy, mining history, etc for the region, and ideally should be a few paragraphs of text.

I've done an example here:

Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain

This is a region I know very little about, although I've been there a couple of times collecting as a kid, in fact Calpé in Spain was the only time I've ever been chased away from a collecting site by police with machine guns!

To create the content I did a little bit of Googling and a little bit of research through the photo library looking for things of significance, and described them. Note that I don't have to be an expert to put something on the page. I would of course love it if any of you who know the region better would update and improve what I've written.

So... Please make a start at adding some basic text to some of the regional pages for where you have experience (or maybe pick an unloved place that noone else is writing about and do your best to research and create a suitable introduction).

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jol,

Ive thought about some classic Czech mining regions, however there are two problems - 1) too extensive info and 2) anyone can edit the content. So Ive decided for compromise solution to write the detailed article about whole region with pictures, history and maps (so I can fully control the result) and create few paragraphs abstract to region/site page + add a link to detailed article.


Zbynek Burival
13th Aug 2009 4:14pm

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