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Hey's Chemical Index of Minerals

All CIM references are taken from the THIRD EDITION of Hey's Mineral Index, by A. Clark, Dept. of Mineralogy, Natural History Museum, London.

Book Information: 852 pages. hard cover. Published by Chapman & Hall, London 1993.

Hey's Mineral Index groups all minerals into one of 32 groups based on their chemistry. mindat.org allows you to search for minerals using these groupings.

Click below to view subgroups or minerals in each of Hey's groups.

Hey Classification 3rd edition - Oxides and Hydroxides

7.1Oxides of hydrogen
7.2Oxides of the alkali metals
7.3Oxides of Cu
7.4Oxides of Be, Mg and the alkaline earths
7.5Oxides of Zn, Cd and Hg
7.6Oxides of Al
7.7Oxides of Group III metals other than Al
7.8Oxides of Si
7.9Oxides of Ti
7.10Oxides of Zr and Th
7.11Oxides of Sn and Pb
7.12Oxides of V, Nb and Ta
7.13Oxides of As, Sb and Bi
7.14Oxides of Cr
7.15Oxides of Mo and W
7.16Oxides of U
7.17Oxides of Se and Te
7.18Oxides of Mn
7.19Oxides of Mn and Fe
7.20Oxides of Fe
7.21Oxides of Co
7.22Oxides of Ni
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