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Special Auctions ENDING NOW!

28th June 2012

Hello My Friend!


This week's mineral auctions - featuring exciting new acquisitions - are ending in just a few hours - or perhaps even minutes by the time you read this! There are a number of exciting specimens up for auction this week, so be sure to see them all - some are still at just $1 as of this email!!! Some of this week's auction highlights include - just to mention a few, an incredible arsentsumebite after azurite from Tsumeb, a classic uraninite from Maine, a unique willemite pseudomorph after descloizite with wulfenite from Iran, a classic rutile eightling twin from Arkansas, an old time stephanite from Germany, a superb old gemmy blue cordierite from Connecticut, a unique native silver wire from Peru, a classic apatite with tourmaline inclusions from Portugal, a choice 1940's era malachite after azurite from Bisbee, a unique gem tourmaline with lepidolite pseudomorph core from Brazil, a 19th century wulfenite from Pribram, a rare old struverite from Madagascar, a classic tetrahedrite crystal cluster from Utah, rare native lead from Langban, a unique old selenite and melanterite after calcite on sphalerite from Kansas, a classic wulfenite from the Glove Mine, a unique heterogenite on smithsonite from Tsumeb, an aesthetic dioptase and chalcotrichite from Arizona, an old vivianite from Cameroon, a rare cafarsite from Italy, a historic calcite from Sing Sing New York, a historic late 1700's uraninite from Portugal - Ex. Besson, an old pyroxmangite from Japan, bixbyite from Sweden, pyromorphite from North Carolina, and much, MUCH, MORE!!! As always, every auction starts at just $1 with no reserve! There are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs - don't miss out!!!

And be sure to stay tuned to www.mineralman.com for updates coming soon - and new auctions EVERY week!!!

Warmest Regards,

Jasun & Mandy McAvoy
Ebay ID: mineralman999

Arsentsumebite ps Azurite!

Willemite ps Descloizite -Iran

Uraninite - Topsham, Maine

SUPERB Cordierite - CT

Selenite ps Calcite - Kansas

Rutile Eightling - Arkansas

18th C. Uraninite - Portugal

Malachite ps Azurite - Bisbee

Staurolite - Georgia

Stephanite - Germany

Pyrite in Quartz - Washington

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