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10th July 2012

Hello Friends!

Mandy and I have just posted an exciting new group of auctions featuring specimens from recent acquisitions!!! Some of the highlights include - just to mention a few, an old group of platinum nuggets from Colombia, a superb azurite from Tsumeb, a rare native gold with goldfieldite from Nevada, an incredible epidote crystal cluster an actinolite-included quartz crystal from Peru, a classic covellite crystal cluster from Colorado, a historic topaz and aquamarine from Russia, an old chalcocite and calcite crystal cluster from Connecticut, a classic quartz crystal cluster on hematite from Cumberland,a historic cuprite from Bisbee - Ex. Gleeson, etc., a superb rare vikingite from France, a very rare argyrodite from Germany, an old time soddyite from Shinkolobwe - Ex. Sorbonne, a large hambergite from Tajikistan, a very rare roquesite and stannoidite from Russia, a large boleite crystal from Mexico, an old hauerite from Italy, a rare raspite and stolzite from Broken Hill, a classic gem rhodochrosite from South Africa, a unique
calcite stalactite crystal from Montana, a classic pyrite crystal twin from Elba, a rare locality cobaltite from the Aguanico Mine in Canada, a colorful torbernite and dewindite from France - Ex. Sorbonne, a rare old bournonite from Baia Sprie, a unique galena crystal twin from Germany, pyrargyrite from Pribram, a classic scheelite and quartz from South Korea, a unique native silver crystal from Michigan, rhodochrosite from Mexico, a rare isoferroplatinum from Alaska, and much, much more!!!

As always, every auction starts at just $1 with no reserve! There are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs!!! Don't miss out!!! AUCTIONS WILL BE ENDING ON THURSDAY JULY 12th!!! Be sure to check out all the auctions and stay tuned to www.mineralman.com for more info, updates, and specimens!!! Don't miss out!!!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Warmest Regards,

Jasun & Mandy McAvoy
Ebay ID: mineralman999

Azurite - Tsumeb, Namibia

Platinum - Colombia!

Epidote & Quartz - Peru

Rhodochrosite - Mexico

Covellite - Colorado

Silver - Michigan

Gold & Goldfieldite - Nevada

Chalcocite - Bristol, CT

Hauerite - Italy

Raspite & Stolzite - Australia

Argyrodite - Germany

Vikingite - France
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