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12th September 2012

Tyuyamunite Mashamba West Mine (RDC)
Guilleminite Musonoi (RCA Congo)
Kamotoite-(Y) (TL) Kamoto East Open cut (RDC)
Carnotite Rabejac (France) Decouverte Juin 2012 Pfont - Analyse Nicolas Meisser Musee cantonal de geologie de Lausanne
Parsonsite + Mimetite Tragos Pinhal do Souto Mine (Portugal)
Parsonsite Tragos Pinhal do Souto Mine (Portugal)
Carnotite Mashamba West Mine (RDC)
Marthozite (TL) Musonoi (RCA Congo)
Natropharmacoalumite (TL) Mine Josefa (Espagne)
Phosphohedyphane Root mine (Bonanza Hill mine USA)
Cerusite + Carminite + Beudantite Gestoso (Portugal)
Scorodite Gestoso (Portugal)
Beudantite Gestoso (Portugal)
Carminite Gestoso (Portugal)
Scorodite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Vivinite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Hureaulite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Stewartite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Rockbridgeite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Laueite + Strengite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Strengite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Beraunite + Rockbridgeite + Eosphorite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Esosphorite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Childrenite Regada Mangualde (Portugal )
Pyrargyrite Peyrebrunne (France)
Vivianite - Ref:MMM-T89-0003 - Salsigne (France)
Anatase - Ref:MMM-T89-0002 - Salsigne (France)
Scorodite + Fluorite Ref:MMM-T89-0001 - Clara (Allemagne)

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Vivianite - Salsigne (France)
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