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Article Suggestions

Posted by Jolyon  
Article Suggestions
March 26, 2005 03:41PM
Are there any articles you would love to see in the new Mindat Magazine? Here's a few suggestions of my own, things I would like to see written, please comment with your own ideas, or if you'd be interested in writing one of these articles!

My Choices:

1) Meteorite Mineralogy
2) The Great Himmelsfurst Silver Fraud
3) Minerals of Antarctica

What would you choose?
Bob Knox
Re: Article Suggestions
March 26, 2005 06:43PM
Greetings Jolyon,

Based on a common topic in several of the message board forums, how about "nature vs. nurture", mans continueing quest to produce artificial minerals and crystals. I think there is enough examples both historic and contemporary to even make this subject a regular column.

Re: Article Suggestions
March 26, 2005 07:56PM
Very good idea.

Paul bongaerts
Re: Article Suggestions
March 29, 2005 10:19AM
how about the presentation from mineral museums from all around the world? not only the big ones but also the smaller and regional collections. I myself am very intrested in the museum history and how the collections are curated etc ..
just a suggestion winking smiley
Paul Bongaerts
Re: Article Suggestions
March 30, 2005 05:42AM
J you going to have photos as well?

Re: Article Suggestions
March 30, 2005 11:05AM
Yes, there will be photos and diagrams with articles
Re: Article Suggestions
April 04, 2005 07:04PM
Erm....i got another idea too winking smiley
an article about Elba island? hihihihi

bob and a half
Re: Article Suggestions
April 13, 2005 01:28PM
I love rocks. My entire existence revolves around rocks. I have a pet rock, a brother rock, and I swear my parents are rocks too. This is a true story.

ian jones
Re: Article Suggestions
April 13, 2005 03:04PM
Hi Jolyon

I agree, I'd really like to see something regarding The Great Himmelsfurst Silver Fraud.

A friend, Don Edwards, wrote a very illuminating letter about his experiments and success in growing wire silver simply using a crucible over a Bunsen burner (see Min Record, Vol 32, No 1, p72 - Jan-Feb 2001). There is also a picture of one 3.5 cm high. An old (1919) German paper regarding the formation of wire silver that was referred to in Dana sparked his initial interest. People that have seen his growths have found it difficult to believe they were "home made". I rather expected his letter to generate a flurry of responses, but MR chose not to publish a letters page in subsequent issues.

It generally appears that the "mineral establishment" has closed ranks, as there are too many vested interests in not proving these very expensive silvers to be fakes. My own feeling is that they may not necessarily have been deliberately manufactured, but may have been formed in cracks in an old smelter that has now been dug up. The are records of wire silver forming this way and it would help explain the flat bases and remarkable purity of the Himmelsfurst pieces!

It would be good to see the debate resurrected and a consensus reached.

ian jones
Michael R
Re: Article Suggestions
May 31, 2005 10:15PM
how about a mineral of the month type thing... or other monthly changing things for example mine of the month, location to collect minerals of the month, ECT.....
Michael R
Re: Article Suggestions
May 31, 2005 10:19PM
here is another idea maybe interview proffesionals
Rory Bain
Re: Article Suggestions
July 07, 2005 06:39PM
I like the Idea Of Antartic minerals. But here is another idea have a article on rare Barium minerals like Gillespite macdonaldite traskite ? From sites like the esquire claims exspecialy #7 I would try to supply pics
Jolyon Ralph
Re: Article Suggestions
July 07, 2005 08:01PM
That sounds good!
Rory Bain
Re: Article Suggestions
July 08, 2005 01:09AM
I have another idea Flourite Perhaps English fluorite
Rory Bain
Re: Article Suggestions
July 08, 2005 05:02PM
Bob I like your idea I know somone who makes cabashons of quartz and makes tiny cracks in it and fills it with gold and can make $200 American dollars of that.
Dennis W. Haas
Re: Article Suggestions
September 04, 2005 06:36PM
Dear Jolyon,
How about an article on Brushy Creek Mine. I went on a field trip recently, August 19, to Brushy Creek Mine in Missouri. Done a search on Mindat.org and you have a lote of information and photos on Brushy Creek lead mine.
Hope you are doing well,
Dennis W. Haas
Jon Harris
Re: Article Suggestions
October 10, 2005 10:44PM
Dear Jolyon, I have just broken into rockhounding and i would like to do an article for you on the Manhan mines (aka loudville mine), it seems to have a very spotty history. I live in Easthampton where the mines are located and there are some very extensive dump sites located along the river. There have been some very cool finds there in the past and i hope to find some nice specimens to have for the article too.
Jolyon Ralph
Re: Article Suggestions
October 11, 2005 12:34AM
That would be great!

Hans Kloster
Re: Article Suggestions
November 04, 2005 02:16PM
There are two important news af historical value, as I have written articles about in danish: se www.stenvennerne.dk Lapidomanen 2003:1 and 2005:2 and 3.
Muschistonite is refered in a german magazin Archäologie 2002 as coming from an Bronze-age mine in Karnab, Uzbekistan and Muschiston, Tadzichistan, first discovered by Litvinsky in 1950, but only published in russia. This article are very important to review the whole conception of the socalled Bronze-age.
Nature 11th February 1999 had an article from France, where they analyses paintings from Egypt 2000-1200 BC and they found Galenite, Cerussite,Laurionite and Phosgenite in the paintings.
Re: Article Suggestions
January 06, 2006 07:14PM
Hi Jolyon,
I have a completed article that you may be interested in posting on the Mindat website. I have it as a PDF file. The title is: "Ag-Cu-Pb-Bi Sulfosalts New to Darwin, Inyo County, California." The article includes a number of SEM and photomicrographs showing the various sulfosalts in the veins. Also included are microprobe data for the minerals. If you are interested please let me know.

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