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Dioptase from Altyn Tyube

Posted by Galland Pascal  
Galland Pascal
Dioptase from Altyn Tyube
February 06, 2002 05:30PM
Please,is it someone to locate exactly the locality-type of my favorite mineral?
( degrees,minutes,seconds) (x,y,z) ? I need this information ' cause i want to buy
a map of Kazakhstan ( 1:200 000) so i must to be very clear to avoid an expensive
mistake !
thanks a lot for the help !
David Von Bargen
Re: Dioptase from Altyn Tyube
February 06, 2002 09:14PM
According to Bill & Carol Smith in "A guide to mineral localities in the former Soviet Union" Mineralogical Record 1995 pp 517-549. The coordinates are lat 41 degrees 22 min long 69 degrees 06 min. This is probably a bad location. There is another town with the same name near Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

"village of Proletarskoe is 50-75 km east of Karaganda, Altyn-Tube across small stream Altyn-Su about 10 km from Proletarskoe, Altyn-Tube means “Golden Mountain”, is a small quarry in a small limestone hill."

There is a town of Proletarskiy that fits this description. see [www.multimap.com]

Kazakhstan 49.8° N 73.2° E

Pekov in "Minerals first discovered on the terrritory of the former Soviet Union" has a map that fits the locality east of Karaganda.
galland pascal
Re: Dioptase from Altyn Tyube
March 28, 2002 04:38PM

First of all i want express to you my special thanks for quickness and knowledge you' ve transmitted.It was a great pleasure to me receive e-mail
beyond the Atlantic!
Sorry but i' ve some new questions:
In your opinion did the authors of the guide go to the quarry of Altyn Tube?
If negative answer then what' s the source of their assertions?
Do you know that there' re no less four places called Karaganda in Kazakh-
stan? (www.multimap.com)
Are you sure (100%) about coordinates of Karaganda? Where' ve you found
To sum up what' re the lines regarding the famous site we can rely on and
I'm again much obliged for your enlightenment!

P.S: By the way have you seen before the name "KARKARALINSK"
(Kazakhstan) on a document?
David Von Bargen
Re: Dioptase from Altyn Tyube
March 29, 2002 02:03PM
There are two Altyn Tyube in the Kazakhstan area, but the northern one is the only one on the steppes. In a letter in an 1980 issue of Mineralogical Record, Peter Embrey goes through a map reading exercise on the location ( the stream Altyn-Su is listed as being at 49 degrees 59 min N and 73 degrees, 58 min E)

Another source of information is an article by Dan Weinrich in the February 1994 issue of Mineral News. He recounts his trip to the "mine". 50-70 km east of Karaganda they reached the village of Proletarskoe. From here it was another 10 km to reach the stream Altyn-Su and a small number of buildings. The quarry is a cut about 5m high and 30m long. He found some calcite with poor quality dioptase and malachite.


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