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Tangerine quartz

Posted by SophiaJoy MB  
Tangerine quartz
July 24, 2012 04:03PM
Does the tangerine color on Tangerine quartz get rustier if I leave one in water for a long time?
How about leaving one in a room for years?

Thanks! smileys with beer
avatar Re: Tangerine quartz
July 24, 2012 08:21PM
Can you give us a locality and a picture of your tangerine quartz?

Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.
Re: Tangerine quartz
July 25, 2012 01:59PM
I don't have any yet, I was thinking of buying some...smileys with beer
avatar Re: Tangerine quartz
July 25, 2012 03:33PM
For most of the ones I have seem I think that the color is from impurities inside the quartz and therefore would not get rustier if left in water and almost sure would not change in the air. But someone maybe calling quartz with an iron staining on the outside tangerine quartz so Rock is right it would be best to see the crystals and know where they are from. I am not sure if a light iron staining on quartz would get rustier in water because it is essentially rust already.
avatar Re: Tangerine quartz
July 25, 2012 09:29PM
I have seen two types of quartz that have been labeled tangerine quartz. One is quartz crystals that have had iron deposited on them (by man) to give them a nice bright orange color. The other has been quartz crystals from the Orange River area of Namibia/Republic of South Africa that have been stained a variety of red/orange/brown colors by fine grained iron minerals that are sometimes given the name limonite. This is sort of mineralogical "dirt". You must admit that it is much better sales wise to offer tangerine quartz than dirty orange colored quartz or quartz diddled by man. Before you buy any you may want to ask some questions from the supplier about just what kind of quartz he is selling and where it is from.

Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.
Re: Tangerine quartz
July 26, 2012 01:01AM
Thank you very much!

I didn't know that the color of tangerine quartz can be from the impurities inside. I thought it was only on the outside.
And also I didn't know that the color can be made by man.

I became very curious, so today I bought some tangerine quartz. I'm going to attach the pictures.
The lady said these are from Brazil...
open | download - 024.JPG (536.9 KB)
open | download - 025.JPG (506 KB)
avatar Re: Tangerine quartz
July 26, 2012 11:33AM
Those I am pretty sure are natural crystals and not coated by iron. They are colored by fine grained iron compounds that may be on the outside, the inside of the crystal or both. Often you can tell by looking at the surface with a powerful magnifying glass or a binocular microscope. They could be from a number of different localities. Did your supplier give you a locality?

Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.
avatar Re: Tangerine quartz
July 26, 2012 02:30PM
Those look natural to me too. The latest "What's Hot in Tucson" has some of Irv Brown's pieces of orange quartz from a 11/2011 find--I forgot the African continent whereabouts
Re: Tangerine quartz
July 26, 2012 03:59PM
Thank you for your replies! smiling smiley

The lady I bought those from didn't know where they are from in Brazil.

So, if what you see on tangerine quartz is not limonite, you would think it is iron coated by man?
avatar Re: Tangerine quartz
July 26, 2012 08:25PM
I don't think the color has been added by man, but I also don't think they are from Brazil. I have imported tons of quartz from various places in Brazil and have never seen any like that. Exactly where they are from is known by someone, but your supplier would have to talk to the person she got them from and so on back down the line till you got to the real locality.

Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.
Re: Tangerine quartz
July 27, 2012 02:06AM
These tangerine quartz crystals were found on the Diamantina region, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and the color is caused my micro hematite inclusions located inside the quartz, very close to the surface, so the color will not change with time.
avatar Re: Tangerine quartz
July 27, 2012 01:32PM
Was this a recent find? do you know the locality?

Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.
Re: Tangerine quartz
July 27, 2012 09:51PM
No, it was originally found about 8 years ago; the locality is indeed in BuenĂ³polis (Engenheiro Dolabela district, near the border with Diamantina)
Re: Tangerine quartz
July 30, 2012 03:55AM
Thank you very much!!

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