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IMPORTANT: Change to registration rules

avatar IMPORTANT: Change to registration rules
April 06, 2006 07:53PM
Please note that to contribute to mindat.org you must be prepared to give your FULL REAL NAME (ie first name, surname) in your registration details.

Pseudonyms or partial names will no longer be acceptable.

If you have a partial or inaccurate name registered please select the Update Details option in the "Add/Edit Data" menu (top left) and amend your details.

I am allowing a certain amount of 'grace' period for this transition, but accounts without a valid name will eventually find themselves denied access to contribute to the site.


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Re: IMPORTANT: Change to registration rules
April 06, 2006 11:19PM
You mean "Jim" is no good anymore?
Re: IMPORTANT: Change to registration rules
April 07, 2006 07:49AM
Done :)
avatar Re: IMPORTANT: Change to registration rules
April 07, 2006 08:20AM
Please apply some common sense to this rule!

So yes, Jim, Bill, etc are fine.

If you happen to use your middle name in preference to your first, then use that here, that's fine.

I just don't want partial names or pseudonyms.

avatar Re: IMPORTANT: Change to registration rules
April 07, 2006 12:10PM
A follow up to this:

I have received some concern that the reason for this change is for marketing reasons, and that I would want to use this data to promote my commercial interests.

Those of you who know my strong anti-spam views would know it is very unlikely I would ever do this - so let me make it clear:

The mindat.org user database is entirely separate from MinVision (or from any other mineral dealer), and will NEVER be sold, given or used for any purpose other than direct communication relating to mindat.org - as much as I would benefit from using this list to market the MinVision services, I will never do this. You will only receive emails from MinVision if you sign up for it on the MinVision site and request them.

Those of you who have registered will also know that I very rarely actually send any communications to the regsitered users - I prefer to post announcements in the messageboard - and this will continue, with only the very occasional email when there is something important to talk about.

The reason for the change is that we are having additions made to our locality and mineral database without real names - it is essential that all data added to the site is traceable back to an individual so that if there are questions or issues they can be researched and resolved.

I am not worried about use of the messageboard - it is only for people who wish to contribute to the database that I need to ensure we have an accurate name.

Re: IMPORTANT: Change to registration rules
July 12, 2006 02:52PM
Oops, just noticed this now. I was gone for a long time Jolyon! I changed mine. Looks like there are still 10 more to be changed. Also, for continuity's sake, should those with titles: Mr. Dr. Prof place those after their names?

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