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Lindvikskollen quarry, Lindvikskollen-Kalstadgangen pegmatite, Kragerø, Telemark, Norway
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Photo: K.E.Larsen
Name(s) in local language(s): Lindvikskollenbruddet
Lindvikskollen feldspar quarry is situated in the western part of the Lindvikskollen-Kalstadgangen pegmatite dike, at the very top of the Mt. Lindvikskollen. The quarry has been abandoned since the early 1930s. See the entry on the Lindvikskollen-Kalstadgangen pegmatite for more information about the pegmatite.
This is the type locality of Hellandite-(Y). The mineral was first discovered in 1903. More than 200 crystals of hellandite-(Y) were collected between 1903-1922 at the dumps of the quarry. The core that hosted the hellandite was already quarried out when Brøgger described Hellandite in 1903.
The pegmatite with its quarries and prospects may be included in the Gea Norvegica, a Geopark.

Mineral List

'Albite-Anorthite Series'
Hellandite-(Y) (TL)
'Hellandite-(Yb)' ?
'Pyroxene Group'
Tengerite-(Y) ?
var: Orangite
var: Yttrian Titanite


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