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Heftetjern pegmatite, Tørdal, Drangedal, Telemark, Norway
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Latitude: 59°8'36"N
Longitude: 8°45'24"E
Name(s) in local language(s): Heftetjern pegmatitten, Tørdal, Drangedal kommune, Telemark fylke, Norge
A Sc-bearing granite pegmatite of amazonite-cleavelandite type. The pegmatite is about 200-250 m long and 3-4 m wide.
Located about 4.3 km NW of the small parish of Tørdal.
Collecting is only allowed with permission of the land owner.

Mineral List

Agakhanovite-(Y) (TL)
var: Cleavelandite
var: Oligoclase-Albite
Anatase ?
Heftetjernite (TL)
var: Manganoan Ilmenite

var: Scandian Ixiolite (of Bergstøl)

Kamphaugite-(Y) ?
Kristiansenite (TL)
var: Amazonite
Microlite Group
var: Plumbomicrolite (of Hogarth 1977)
Oftedalite (TL)
Pyrochlore Group
var: Yttropyrochlore (of Hogarth 1977)
'Pyrochlore Supergroup
var: Yttrobetafite (of Hogarth 1977)'

var: Ilmenorutile

Tantite ?
Xenotime-(Y) ?

73 entries listed. 57 valid minerals. 4 type localities (valid minerals). 2 erroneous literature entries.

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[Note: This is a complete list of references on this pegmatite]

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