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Hidra (Hitterø), Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder, Norway
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Name(s) in local language(s): Hidra, Flekkefjord kommune, Vest-Agder fylke, Norge
Hidra (formerly Hitterö) is an island on the southwestern coast of Norway. On the eastern part of the island, around the small Rasvåg bay, several granite pegmatite dikes has been quarried for feldspar. Quarrying started around 1870, and ended around 1906-1910. One eexception is the Iglettjødn quarry which was quarried until around 1930.

Xenotime-(Y) (Berzelius, 1824, under the name Phosporsyrad Ytterjord, Beudant 1832 under the name Xenotime), Kainosite-(Y) (Nordenskiöld, 1886), Polycrase-(Y) (Scheerer, 1844) and Aeschynite-(Y) (Brögger, 1906, under the name blomstrandine), were first described from pegmatites in this area. The pegmatites are also especially known for having produced large crystals of Gadolinite-(Y).

There is also a two pyroxene-bearing granulite containing ferrosilite.

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Aeschynite-(Y) (TL)
var: Oligoclase

'Euxenite-(Y)-Polycrase-(Y) series'
'Feldspar Group'
Kainosite-(Y) (TL)
Polycrase-(Y) (TL)
Tengerite-(Y) ?
Xenotime-(Y) (TL)
var: Malacon

39 entries listed. 24 valid minerals. 4 type localities (valid minerals).

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