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Electrum from
Elatsite Mine (Elacite Mine), Zlatitsa, Zlatitsa Obshtina, Sofiya Oblast (Sofia Oblast), Bulgaria

Quality of samples:not specified / average specimens
Validity:Believed Valid
References:Strashimirov, S., Petrunov, R., and Kanazirski, M. (2002): Mineralium Deposita 37, 587-598.; Singer, D.A., Berger, V.I., and Moring, B.C. (2008): US Geological Survey Open-File Report 2008-1155.; Georgiev, Georgi (2008) A genetic model of the Elatsite porphyry copper deposit, Bulgaria. GEOCHEMISTRY, MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY • SOFIA 46, 143-160.
Mineral Data:Click here to view Electrum data
Locality Data:Click here to view Elatsite Mine (Elacite Mine), Zlatitsa, Zlatitsa Obshtina, Sofiya Oblast (Sofia Oblast), Bulgaria
Nearest other occurrences of Electrum
6.4km (4.0 miles) Chelopech Au-Cu Mine, Chelopech, Sofiya Oblast (Sofia Oblast), Bulgaria
6.9km (4.3 miles) Svishti Plaz Mine, Balkan Mts (Stara Planina), Bulgaria
24.1km (15.0 miles) Assarel Mine (Asarel Mine), Panagyurishte, Panagyurishte (Panagurishte) Obshtina, Pazardzhik Oblast (Pazardjik Oblast), Bulgaria
50.5km (31.4 miles) Tsar Assen Mine, Tsar Assen, Pazardzhik Obshtina, Pazardzhik Oblast (Pazardjik Oblast), Bulgaria
121.2km (75.3 miles) Martinovo iron skarn deposit, Montana Oblast, Bulgaria
142.0km (88.2 miles) Chala Mine, Spachievo ore field (Spahievo ore field), Mineralni Bani Obshtina, Haskovo Oblast (Khaskovo Oblast), Bulgaria
195.1km (121.3 miles) Madjarovo deposit (Madyarovo deposit; Madzharovo deposit), Rhodope Mts, Haskovo Oblast (Khaskovo Oblast), Bulgaria
197.8km (122.9 miles) Ada Tepe Au deposit (Khan Krum Au deposit; Khan Kroum Au deposit), Krumovgrad Obshtina, Kardzhali Oblast (Kurdzhali; Kărdžali; Kurdjali), Bulgaria
214.3km (133.1 miles) Koronuda Au-Cu Deposit (Koronouda), Kilkís Prefecture, Macedonia Department, Greece
219.1km (136.2 miles) Veliki Krivelj Mine, Bor, Bor-Majdanpek mining district, Bor District, Serbia
240.7km (149.6 miles) Kassiteres-Sapes area, Xánthi Prefecture, Thraki Department (Thrace; Thracia), Greece
241.0km (149.8 miles) Perama Hill deposit, Alexandroupoli (Alexandroupolis), Évros Prefecture, Thraki Department (Thrace; Thracia), Greece
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