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Andalusite from
Champion Mine (White Mountain Mine), White Mountain, Laws, White Mts, Inyo Co., California, USA

Comments:Crystals form columnar masses; prismatic crystals to 10 cm long.
Quality of samples:not specified / average specimens
Validity:Believed Valid
References:Palache, C., Berman, H., & Frondel, C. (1951), The System of Mineralogy of James Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana, Yale University 1837-1892, Volume II: 1007; Wise, W. S. (1977): Mineralogy of the Champion mine White Mountains, California. Mineralogical Record 8, 478-486; Knopf, Adolf (1917b), An andalusite mass in the Precambrian of the Inyo Range, California: Washington Academy of Science Journal: 7: 549-552; Peck, Albert B. (1924), Note on andalusite from California: a new use and some thermal properties: American Mineralogist: 9: 123-129; […California Mining Bureau. Report 20: 149-154 (1924)]; Jeffery, Joseph Arthur & Charles D. Woodhouse (1931), Note on a deposit of andalusite in Mono County, California: its occurrence and technical importance: California Mining Bureau. Report 27: 459-464; Kerr, Paul Francis (1932), Occurrence of andalusite and related minerals at White Mountain, California: Economic Geology: 27: 621; Woodhouse, C.D. (1951), The Mono County andalusite mine: Rocks & Minerals: 34: 486-493; Pemberton, H. Earl (1983), Minerals of California; Van Nostrand Reinholt Press: 450.
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Locality Data:Click here to view Champion Mine (White Mountain Mine), White Mountain, Laws, White Mts, Inyo Co., California, USA
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Nearest other occurrences of Andalusite
25.6km (15.9 miles) Taylor Andalusite deposit (Taylor deposit), White Mountain Peak, White Mts, Mono Co., California, USA
72.1km (44.8 miles) Unnamed Andalusite occurrence [1], Spanish Mountain (Spanish Peak), Fresno Co., California, USA
83.6km (52.0 miles) Unnamed Mica-Andalusite occurrence (1), Bench Creek (Bench Canyon) - North Fork San Joaquin River confluence area, Ritter Range, Madera Co., California, USA
106.3km (66.0 miles) Winchester Mine, Green Mountain, Big Dry Creek District, Fresno Co., California, USA
112.2km (69.7 miles) May Lake, Yosemite National Park, Mariposa Co., California, USA
119.9km (74.5 miles) Unnamed Cordierite occurrence [1], Blossom Peak, Three Rivers, Tulare Co., California, USA
120.6km (74.9 miles) Unnamed Andalusite occurrence [1], Sparkville, Fresno Co., California, USA
131.9km (82.0 miles) I X L claim (I.X.L. claim), Ahwahnee, Madera Co., California, USA
136.2km (84.6 miles) Green Talc Mine (Donnelly Andalusite Mine), Fitting District, Mineral Co., Nevada, USA
146.9km (91.2 miles) Ne Plus Ultra Mine (Daulton Copper Mine; Dalton Mine; Daulton Copper deposit; California Copper Co.), Daulton group, Daulton, Daulton District, Madera Co., California, USA
148.1km (92.0 miles) Good View Mine (Goodview Mine; Copper King claim; Copper King and M. S. Mine; Little Giant claim; Stonewall Jackson claim; Crown Point claim; San Jose claim; Rothschild claim; S. A. claim; Sunset claim), Green Mountain, Green Mountain District (Ben Hur District), Mariposa Co., California, USA
151.5km (94.2 miles) Pocohontas Mine, Copper Hill, Green Mountain District (Ben Hur District), Mariposa Co., California, USA
167.5km (104.1 miles) Unnamed Andalusite occurrence [1], Three Buttes (Tres Cerritos), Hornitos District, West Belt, Mariposa Co., California, USA
183.5km (114.1 miles) Loope (Monitor; Loopeville), Monitor - Mogul District, Alpine Co., California, USA
187.8km (116.7 miles) Mason Valley Mine, Yerington, Yerington District, Lyon Co., Nevada, USA
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