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http://www.ga.gov.au/map/ [Link Broken? Dec 2014] (Geoscience Australia; has "Mineral Maps")
http://www.australianminesatlas.gov.au/ (Australian Atlas of minerals, resources, mines & processing centres)
http://www.minerals.org.au/ (Minerals Council of Australia)
http://www.crocoite.com/ [Steve Sorrell's website on Australia and New Zealand]
http://maps.bonzle.com/c/a?a=br&o=39739271&l (Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia; "Mines - atlas contains 39852 Mines")
http://maps.bonzle.com/c/a?a=f&sc=minbycom (Mines listed by commodity)
http://issuu.com/steves58/stacks/de2e0f7d0ca14485bf17dc2aca401687 [all issues of the "Australia and New Zealand Micromineral News"]

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