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Kunkletown, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania, USA
April 07, 2012 02:56AM
I purchased a "field trip in a box " from Paul and Janet Clifford at a sales and swap show in Taylor, Michigan last March 2012. There are some nice anatase and brookite crystals in the mix. I posted some photos to Mindat under the Kunkletown locality. There are two quarries listed in Mindat with coordinates, so I plotted the coordinates on Google Earth and got the following image:

One set of coordinates shows what looks to be an abandoned quarry. The other set puts me in a forest. There is a working quarry about three miles NE of the second set. Might this quarry be the source of my specimens?


Steve Stuart
Re: Kunkletown, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania, USA
April 09, 2012 06:54PM
It is possible that your specimens were from the Kunkletown area. There are several sand quarries in the area that have produced Quartz xls and possibly Anatase.
The Kunkletown area has been known for some time with the first reference I've seen in the 1965 PA G33 which was a state produced guide to collecting. If you look at the listing it shows a drawing of a doubly terminated Quartz xl with what they supposed at the time was Azurite on the surface.
If you do in fact have an Anatase from there, I would say it is rather rare. One of our resident experts on PA minerals is Mark Heitzelman. Perhaps he will wade in with his opinion. I passed the Kunkletown area on the way back from another field trip recently. All the existing sites are posted against trespassing. Kunkletown is only a stones throw from Palmerton which has recently been discussed on this board in regards to crystals that are commonly found in the slag from the zinc smelting operation.
avatar Re: Kunkletown, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania, USA
April 09, 2012 10:04PM
I went to Kunkletown years ago.

The forest is a hunting grounds...of course, being young and stupid, my friend and I walked through there, found a few quartz crystal on matrix and then made our way to the quarry. Active quarry on one side, inactive clay pits on the right. Went to the mine office, asked about crystals being found, for a school project, of course. Quarry operators took 15 mins contacting everyone in the pit asking if crystals had been found there. No affirmatives. Went to the clay pit. Met the owner, who said he is never there normally. Schelped around there, didn't find anything. Felt really stupid for tossing those specimens we found in the woods. In the present, feel really stupid for going into the woods in the first place.

Stupid kids.
Re: Kunkletown, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania, USA
April 09, 2012 11:22PM
Some images:

Re: Kunkletown, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania, USA
April 11, 2012 01:24AM
Here is another sharp anatase crystal I found this evening.

Are there any publications, papers, club field trip reports, etc. on Kunkletown?


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