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Cleaning crocoite

Posted by John Collins  
Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 01:32PM
I have a nice precimen of crocoite whose crystals are dark yellowish rather than reddish. I've seen mention of a cleaning agent "SIO", or is it "SlO" at this site but I don't know what it is.
Could help with this is and tell me how to use it.


avatar Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 02:41PM
It stands for "Super Iron out" and is a commercial cleaning product in the US. It is very similar chemically to a Waller solution.
Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 02:58PM
Thanks David.
I'll pick some up next time I'm south of th border. I hope it is safe with crocoite.

avatar Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 04:55PM
There are a few retailers in Canada that carry it.
Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 06:07PM
Thanks David,

I got some from Canadian Tire. I see that the directions have a plethora of recipes for different uses ranging from 1/4 to 1 cup per gallon of water. Of course, none of these is for cleaning minerals.
What is the recommended mix for cleaning crocoite or minerals of similar chemistry?

avatar Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 06:10PM
I noticed that there are no instructions on the back of the bottle I purchased from Canadian Tire as to how much in what volume of water.

Any ideas? I just poured it in to clean Amethyst, Scapolite, "Hornblende" and Titanites from Ontario, and it cleaned them to some extent, but not fully.
Should we use hot, warm or cold water, and how much for a litre of water?

I suppose it also depends on what you are cleaning, i.e. acicular minerals might break during any formation of bubbles.

Andrew Haighton,
Brampton, Ontario
avatar Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 06:39PM
Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 06:48PM

Peel up the bottom of the label (half way) and there they are.

avatar Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 20, 2012 07:07PM
Thanks guys;

Didn't think to look under the label.
Noticed that it doesn't mention Crocoite on the label, so I assume it would be closest to the plastic ware at 1/3 cup. confused smiley

Andrew Haighton,
Brampton, Ontario
avatar Re: Cleaning crocoite
January 30, 2012 02:30PM
Howdy John,

Before you go cleaning your crocoite specimen (I hope this gets to you in time), have you had it checked to see if in fact you have an accessory mineral on the crystals, such as dundasite or gibbsite? These can often coat the crocoite crystals and give them the appearance of a different colour!
If it is just dirt however, an ultrasonic cleaner with distilled water should be enough to clean it up.

Cheers Mark.

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