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Andradite N to Z

Posted by Rock Currier  
avatar Andradite N to Z
July 17, 2011 11:40AM
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Can you help make this a better article? What good localities have we missed? Can you supply pictures of better specimens than those we show here? Can you give us more and better information about the specimens from these localities? Can you supply better geological or historical information on these localities?

AndraditeNamibiaErongo Region, Karibib District, Tubussis 22 farm (Tubussis; Tubusis; Tubessis)

Andradite v. demantoid ~1cm
Andradite, 4.4cm wide

Andradite v. demantoid 5cm wide
Andradite 5.7cm wide

Andradite 2.2cm wide
Andradite on Quartz, 3.2cm wide

Andradite on Quartz 1.7cm tall

This locality has sparingly produced good specimens of the demantoid variety of Andradite and some others as well. Many of the best ones were marketed by Charles Kee who has recently spent a lot of time living in Namibia.

AndraditeNorwayAust-Agder, Arendal
“In large dodecahedrons at Arendal in Aust-Agder… .”1 There are a couple of pictures of Andradite crystals from this locality here on mindat, but they are less than compelling. Certainly some red patriotic Norwegian collector can supply is with a good picture of a fine Andradite specimen from this famous old locality.
1. A Textbook of Mineralogy, Edward Dana, William Ford, 4th edition, 1926, p. 596.

AndraditeNorwayAust-Agder, Gjerstad
Andradite ~8cm wide

The specimen pictured above is an old one and is in the British Museum of Natural History. The black Andradite crystals up to about 12 mm are associated with feldspar crystals. Even though the specimen must have been exceptional in its day, because of the amount of damage on the specimen, it would not be thought highly of by modern collectors. You never see these specimens offered for sale.

Olav Revheim writes 2009: The Arendal and Gjerstad locations are distinct locations and refers to administrative units (municipalities) in Aust Agder, Norway. Both locations belongs to the same geological province (the bamble formation), and the andradite from this area is found in iron rich skarns with magnetite, diopside, quartz, epidote, scapolite (probably marialite). Several of these skarn occurances has been mined for iron. The first mine (Barbu) opened in1585 and the Bråstad mine was not shut down until the 1970-ties. There has been dozens of mining operations in these skarns, and even more locations that has not been mined. Today most of these locations are lost through urban development and flooded mine shafts. The best crystals can be quite good, and I think I remember some excellent specimens from the local museum in Arendal. I cannot recall the crystal size. These specimens are rare on the marked today, and I would suspect that the best specimens can be found in European Museum collections and older private collections in Norway. I suggest that the location Arendal Iron mines or more correctly "Greater Arendal iron skarn locations" can be used for these andradites, just noting that some of these iron mines are located outside the current Arendal municipality. Also the Grua area and Drammensmarka are good Norwegian andradite locations. As soon as we have some good images of these specimens uploaded to mindat, we will include them here. Here is a map that may help you orient the locality.

AndaraditeNorwayBuskerud, Drammen, Drammensmarka, 5 Minuite

Andradite 11cm wide
Andradite 10cm wide

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite specimens from this locality.

Finnmark, Hasvik, Sørøya, Haraldseng

Andradite on Calcite 6cm wide

AndraditeNorwayOppland, Lunner, Grua, Grua Tunnel
Andradite in Calcite 6cm wide

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite specimens from this locality.

AndraditePakistanKhyber Pakhtunkhwa (North-West Frontier Province), Malakand Region, Swat District (Swat Valley), Mullah Yusef

Andradite 7.2cm tall

AndraditePakistanNorthern Areas, Baltistan, Skardu District, Haramosh Mts., Shengus (Shingus)

Andradite, 6.1cm
Andradite, 5.9cm wide

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite specimens from this locality.

AndraditePeruHuancavelica Department, Castrovirreyna Province, Castrovirreyna District, Pampa Blanca, Rosario Mabel claim (Flor de Peru II claim)

Andradite & Quartz 6cm wide
Andradite & Quartz 6.5cm tall

Andradite 10.0cm wide

AndraditePeruIca Department, Pisco Province, Quebrada Rio Seco

Andradite 11,2cm

AndraditePolandÉvora District, Évora, Arraiolos

Andradite 6cm wide

AndraditePortugalLisboa District, Sintra, Linhó

Andradite 4cm wide

We need someone to tell us about the Andradites from this locality.

PortugalPortalegre District, Monforte

Andradite 7cm wide
Andradite 6cm wide

Andradite xls to 1cm
Andradite xls to 2cm

Andradite 3.5cm tall
Andradite 8.5cm tall

We need someone to tell us about the Andradites from this locality.

RomaniaCaras-Severin Co., Banat Mts, Ocna de Fier-Dognecea District, Dognecea (Dognácska; Dognaczka)

Andradite 5.3cm wide
Andradite 8cm wide
Andradite 4.5cm wide

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite specimens from this locality.

AndraditeRussiaEastern-Siberian Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory (Krasnoyarsk Kray; Krasnoyarskii Krai), Bolshaya Irba Village, Irbinskoe (Irbinskoye) deposit

Andradite 10cm tall

AndraditeRussiaEastern-Siberian Region, Prebaikalia (Pribaikal'e), Irkutskaya Oblast', Zheleznogorsk, Korshunovskoye (Korzunovskoe; Korzhunovska; Korshunovskiy) Iron mine

Andradite 3.4 & 2.9cm

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite garnets from this locality.

AndraditeRussiaEastern-Siberian Region, Saha Republic (Sakha Republic; Yakutia), Vilyui River Basin (Vilui River Basin; Wilui River Basin), Chernyshevsk
No pictures available
Euhedral sea green to olive green crystals, usually singles up to about 3 cm in diameter. These have come trickling out over a period of years and though interesting can usually be had for less than $50. Certainly at one time they were locally abundant.

AndraditeRussiaFar-Eastern Region, Chukotskii Autonomous Okrug, Tamvatney, Anadyr

Andradite 3.8cm wide

AndraditeRussiaFar-Eastern Region, Primorskiy Kray, Dal'negorsk (Dalnegorsk; Tjetjuche; Tetjuche) Dal'negorsk B deposit, Bor Pit (Boron Pit; Bor Quarry)

Andradite & Quartz 5cm
Andradite, 5.5cm wide
Andradite, 5.3cm
Aandradite, 6.4cm wide
Andradite 3.4cm wide
Andradite 6.3cm wide
Andradite 30cm wide
Andradite 3.4cm wide
Andradite 3.7cm wide
Andradite 5cm wide
Andradite 6.3cm wide
Andradite & Hedenbergite 6.0cm
Andradite 5.2cm wide
Andradite & Quartz 4.6cm wide

These are collected from a large open pit mine that opens almost right in the center of town. It is a skarn and they are mining Datolite for the production of Borate minerals. The mine usually has many open pockets on its benches and has produced probably the finest specimens of daotlite known. It is also well known for its Axinite, Hedenbergite and Ilvaite and Calcite specimens. When Russia was a fortress economy during the cold war, such a mine could be justified, but although the mine is still operating on a small scale it is not profitable to run. The reason is that it is much more costly to extract borates from Datolite than from crystallized borax which is being currently mined in Turkey, California and Argentina

AndraditeRussiaFar-Eastern Region, Primorskiy Kray, Dal'negorsk (Dalnegorsk; Tjetjuche; Tetjuche), Kavalerovo Mining District, Sinerechenskiy Mine; Blue River), Sinerechenskoe skarn occurrence (Sinerechenskoye; Sineretschenskoye

Andradite, 10cm wide
Andradite, ~12cm wide

Andradite, 5.5cm wide
Andradite, 7.5cm wide

Andradite 3.9cm tall
Andradite 10cm tall

Andradite 8cm wide
Andradite 3.7cm wide

Andradite 10.9cm wide
Andradite 11.4cm, wide

Andradite 6.7cm wide
Andradite 8.7cm wide

It is a really big skarn and besides the open pit mine where they mine Datolite for the production of borates, there are a number of base metal deposits that have been mined over the years and some of the mines are still active. This district is not particularly well known for its andradite specimens, but as you can see from the above images, they have produced many fine specimens.

AndraditeRussiaNorthern Caucasus Region, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Baksan Valley, Tyrnyauz Mo-W Deposit

Andradite & Quartz 6.5cm wide

AndraditeRussiaUrals Region, Middle Urals, Ekaterinburgskaya (Sverdlovskaya) Oblast', Asbest, Bazhenovskoe deposit

Andradite 11.2cm wide
Andradite 8cm wide

Andradite 5cm wide
Andradite 4cm wide

Andradite ~5cm wide
Andradite 2cm wide

Andradite on Diopside 2.4cm wide

AndraditeRussiaUrals Region, Middle Urals, Ekaterinburgskaya (Sverdlovskaya) Oblast', Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Poldnevaya village

Andradite var. demantoid ~14mm wide

AndraditeRussiaUrals Region, Southern Urals, Chelyabinsk Oblast', Korkodin, Korkodinskoe (Karkodinskoe; Novo-Karkodinskoe) demantoid deposit

Andradite 3.4cm wide

AndraditeRussiaNorthern Region, Karelia Republic, Ladoga Region, Pitkyaranta (Pitkäranta) District, Sortavala, Kitelskoe (Kitelsk; Kitelskoye) Sn-Zn deposit

Andradite, ~7cm across

This specimen is in the British Museum of Natural History. The locality is mentioned in Dana's Text 4th edition as being from Finland. Since that time Russia took over the territory and now the locality is in Russia. The specimens were fairly abundant at one time and the specimen pictured was considered to be a good specimen. It has fairly sharp if not shiny black crystals to about 12 mm. You rarely see them for sale.

AndraditeRussiaNorthern Region, Murmanskaja Oblast', Kola Peninsula, Kovdor Massif, Kovdor Mine

Andradite v. demantoid, 6cm wide
Andradite v. demantoid close up

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite specimens from this mine.

AndraditeSouth AfricaNorthern Cape Province, Kalahari manganese fields, Wessels Mine (Wessel's Mine), Hotazel

Andradite, 6.3cm wide
Andradite on Hematite 13.3cm wide

Andradite after Rhodochrosite with Gaudefroyite 5.5cm wide
Same as left 5.6cm tall

Andradite, 4.6cm wide
Andradite 4.3cm wide

Andradite @ Rhodochrosite 5.6cm
Andradite on Hematite 7.3cm tall

Andradite 5.2cm tall
Andradite 6.2cm wide

These are manganese mines and are not far from Kuraman. The best andradite specimens have been found at the Wessels mine. “Colors vary from brown and red-brown to yellowish red, with smaller orange and red translucent crystals and two occurrences from Wessels of pale-green crystals. Crystal sizes varies from less than 1 mm to 15 mm, averaging abound 5 mm.”1 These andradite crystals are not particularly notable, but their association with crystals of hausmannite, barite, calcite, celestite, hematite, tephroite and sturmanite often makes striking and mineralogically fascinating specimens.
1. Mineralogical Record, Vol. 22, 1991, p 281.

South AfricaNorthern Cape Province, Kalahari manganese fields, N'Chwaning Mines, N'Chwaning II Mine

Andradite on Hematite 3.2cm wide
Andradite, 6cm wide

Andradite 3.1cm tall

We need someone to tell us about the andradite specimens from this mine.

AndraditeSpainAndalusia, Huelva, Cala, Cala Mines, Manuel-Mercedes Mine

1.2cm Andradite
2.5cm tall

AndraditeSpainAsturias, Salas, Carlés, Carlés Mine

Andradite, Actinolite & Titanite 14cm wide

AndraditeSpainExtremadura, Badajoz, Burguillos del Cerro, Milucha Mine

Andradite 4cm wide

AndraditeSpainExtremadura, Badajoz, Burguillos del Cerro, Monchi Mine

Andradite 7cm wide

AndraditeSpainExtremadura, Badajoz, Monesterio, Aguablanca Mine (Agua Blanca Mine)

Andradite & Epidote 4.6cm high
Andradite, 1.8cm wide

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite specimens from this locality.

AndraditeSwedenGästrikland, Hofors, Torsåker, Linderås Mines

Andradite Andradite ~15cm wide

AndraditeSwedenLappland, Ultevis

Andradite & Svabite ~3.3cm wide

AndraditeSwitzerlandWallis (Valais), Zermatt - Saas Fee area
Andradite, FOV 5mm

We need someone to tell us about the andradite specimens from this locality.

AndraditeUKScotland, Buchan Grampian (Aberdeenshire), Aberdeen, Rubislaw Quarry

Andradite, ~6cm wide

This old British Museum specimen, exceptional for the UK, would not be of interest except to those who specialize in minerals from UK. It does have a classical ding in the classical spot. Andradite (melanite) garnets are an essencial ingredient of the rock called Borrolanite near loch Borrolan, Sutherland, in the north west of Scotland.1
1. Emial communication Spencer I. Mather 2009.

AndraditeUSAAlaska,Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough, Prince of Wales Island, Copper Mountain

Andradite, 5cm wide

The specimen above may be the best one from this locality you will ever see.

AndraditeUSAArizona, Gila Co., Dripping Spring Mts, Banner District, Christmas area, Christmas, Dripping Springs Mountains Garnet deposit

Andradite 5.5cm tall

AndraditeUSAArizona, Graham Co., Gray Throne prospect (Gray Thorne

Andradite, 4.8cm wide

You may never see another good Andradite specimens from this location. Very Rare.

AndraditeUnited StatesArizona, Graham Co., San Carlos Indian Reservation, Santa Teresa Mts, Stanley District, Quartzite Mountain Garnets), Quartzite Mountain, (Stanley Butte

Andradite, 8cm wide
Andradite ~7cm wide.

Andradite & Quartz 2.5cm wide
Andradite, 2.2cm wide

Andradite 6cm wide
Andradite 5cm wide

Andradite 9.5cm wide
Andradite 8.9cm wide

Andradite 4.8cm wide
Andradite 4.9cm wide

Andradite & Quartz 6cm wide
Andradite 9.1cm tall

Andradite 4.8cm wide

One of the best known localities for andradite in the United States is Stanley Buttes. Over the years, in the last half of the 20th century, many specimens of free standing greenish brown crystals have been collected and sold to collectors. Crystals to about 5 cm in diameter are reported. Most crystals are less than 2 cm in diameter, opaque, and not very shiny, but make pleasing specimens. The crystals are almost always found growing wall to wall and I don’t think I have ever seen a specimen with isolated crystals. I suppose that the best specimens from here might bring two or three hundred dollars and you should be able to get a decent one for less than $50. The locality is on the edge of an Indian reservation and collecting is usually not permitted. If access were unrestricted there would be many more good specimens from this locality available on the market. Most of the specimens pictures above are not typical. Only the first one on the left is somewhat representative of the locality, but it is a fine specimen from there.

AndraditeUSAArizona, Santa Cruz Co., Patagonia Mts, Patagonia District, Washington Camp-Duquesne District

Andradite 12.3cm wide

AndraditeUSAArkansas, Garland County, Magnet Cove
“Some fine melanite crystals occur in Magnet Cove, Garland County”1 I have never seen any. Perhaps someone out there can point me to some or send me an image of a good specimen?
1. Mineralogy for Amateurs, Sinkankas, p539.

USACalifornia, Calaveras Co., Garnet Hill, Miracle Mountain Mine

Andradite, 4cm wide
Andradite 8.8cm wide

This locality has been collected at for years by collectors. Many hundreds of specimens have been produced, but very few of them are complete and without damage.

AndraditeUSACalifornia, Calaveras Co., Garnet Hill

Andradite, 6cm wide
Andradite & Epidote, 7.6cm

Andradite, 6.2cm wide

Here are found “Fine brown andradite crystals to 2” in diameter, with quartz, calcite and epidote” according to (Sinkankas, Mineralogy p539). These crystals are usually found growing wall to wall and frequently exhibit damage due to the way they grow and the methods used in collecting them. Decent specimens from this locality can be had from time to time for less than $50. They would be more abundant if they were easier to collect or if there was more demand for them. The specimen pictured here is about 8 cm in diameter and must be one of the best ever collected at the locality.

AndraditeUSACalifornia, Riverside Co., Nuevo

Andradite, 5cm across

The specimen is know for its Andradite garnets but the crystals are rarely free standing and it takes a minor miracle to have one break out clean like this onw, which is perhaps the best one ever found.

AndraditeUSACalifornia, San Benito Co., New Ideira District

Andradite, 5cm wide
Andradite v. topazolite, 2cm wide

Andradite, 8.2cm wide
5mm Andradite xl

Andradite 5.7cm wide
Andradite ~8cm wide

Andradite 6.7cm wide

Good specimens of black melanite crystals and a few good specimens of the topazolite variety of andradite are found at various localities in San Benito County. The melanite crystals from here are exceptionally sharp and shiny though rarely reaching a cm in size. The crystals are found freestanding in shrinkage cracks in the metamorphic rocks of the region and though they are usually smaller than a centimeter in diameter, their sharpness and brilliant luster makes them very attractive to collectors. The few very good melanites that have been found would probably command more than a thousand dollars but most of the specimens from here will bring less than a hundred and representative specimens can be had for much less.
The topazolite variety occur in translucent to transparent amber to greenish brown freestanding crystals that have a devoted following and I have seen a few pleasant specimens, but nothing that would start a riot. This variety is much less common than the melanite variety. The largest crystals might reach about a cm. Steve Smale of Berkley, California has the best specimen of this variety that I have seen and it is probably worth somewhere from $5000 to $10,000 dollars. It is much better than the next best one I have seen. Field collectors that frequent San Benito County and those who lust after California specimens look at this specimen and weep.

AndraditeUSACalifornia, San Benito Co., New Idria District, Yellow Cat Mine

Andradite v. topazolite, 3.9cm wide

We need someone to tell us about the Andradite specimens from this locality.

Colorado, Fremont Co., Eight Mile Park pegmatite District, Mica Lode mine (Mica Hill Mine)

Andradite, 2cm wide

This is not a very significant specimen and perhaps we should not have included it here. We may remove it at a later date if we can find out nothing about the locality.

AndraditeUSAIdaho, Adams Co., Seven Devils District, Cuprum, Peacock Mine (South Peacock; Darland; Peacock & South Peacock)

Andradite 2.3cm wide

AndraditeUSAIdaho, Latah Co. Emerald Creek

Andradite 4cm tall

AndraditeUSANevada, Pershing Co., Nightingale District

Andradite 6.5cm wide

AndraditeUSANew Jersey, Sussex County, Franklin

Andradite in Calcite, ~8cm wide
Andradite, ~8cm wide

Andradite in Calcite ~4cm wide
Andradite 6.8cm wide

Andradite 7cm wide
Andradite 7cm wide

Andradite 7cm wide
Andradite 7cm wide

There are some collectors of minerals that think that the sun rises and sets on the minerals from Franklin and will pay amazing prices for fine andradite garnets and other specimens from these deposits. These garnets are usually brown, can be 8 cm across, but are usually damaged. Some specimens have smaller shiny black crystals but again almost all show substantial damage. These crystals, like most of the minerals at Franklin and Sterling Hill, do not grow free standing in pockets. Similar looking garnet specimens from other localities would many times be thrown as not worth having. I have always considered this fascination and mania for Franklin to be some sort of local temporary madness, but it has been going on now for over a hundred years, and there is no sign that sanity is returning to those afflicted. I am including these pictures mostly because the collectors who love this stuff will be upset if I don't

AndraditeUSANew Jersey, Sussex County, Balls Hill
No picture available
“Very brilliant black dodecahedrons were found, one of which is recorded as nearly 7” diameter…”.1 I have never seen any. Does any one out there know where there is a fine specimen?
1. Mineralogy for Amateurs, Sinkankas. P539.

AndraditeUSANew Mexico, Otero Co., Orogrande District, Orogrande, Jarilla Mountains

Andradite 3cm wide
Andradite 4cm wide

Andradite, Quartz & Hematite 3cm wide

AndraditeUSAPennsylvania, Lebanon Co., Cornwall, Cornwall Mines

Andradite, 43cm wide

The mines here “are noted for dark olive-green striated trapezohedrens to 2¼” diameter.”1 Genth reports crystals over 1 cm in 1875. A decent 10 cm specimen with one of the crystals about 2 cm across is in the Jefferis collection at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At Cornwall in Lebanon County, sharp striated, bronzy-green dodecahedrons to 3 cm have been found. I have never seen one I would want to put in my collection nor a good one for sale. But I would make an exception for the one pictured above.
1. Mineralogy for Amateurs, Sinkankas. P539.

AndraditeUSAPennsylvania, York Co., Steelton quadrangle, Reeser's Summit

Andradite 5.5cm wide

Created 2009 Rock Currier
1st revision July 15, 2011 Rock Currier

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Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.

Edited 13 time(s). Last edit at 07/18/2011 03:52PM by Rock Currier.
Re: Andradite N to Z
July 18, 2011 04:22AM

Adradite from Ball's Hill, Franklin, NJ (#1) 10 x 12 cm
Andradite from Franklin, NJ (#2) 6 x 7 cm
Andradite from Franklin, NJ (#3) 7 cm wide
open | download - Garnet1.jpg (133.1 KB)
open | download - Garnet2.jpg (94.3 KB)
open | download - Garnet3.jpg (95.8 KB)
Re: Andradite N to Z
July 18, 2011 04:28AM

Andradite, from Franklin, NJ (#4) 7 x 6 cm
Andradite, from Franklin, NJ (#5) 7 x 4 cm
open | download - Garnet4.jpg (116.3 KB)
open | download - Garnet5.jpg (79.3 KB)
avatar Re: Andradite N to Z
July 18, 2011 04:42AM
Those images are possibly worth of inclusion in the article, but they would first have to be uploaded to the Mindat gallery and not just as attachments to a thread posting. Do you need instructions on how to to that? How to upload mineral images to mindat.

Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.
Re: Andradite N to Z
July 18, 2011 04:45AM

Andradite, from Franklin, NJ 8 x 7 cm
open | download - Andradite franklin.jpg (134.2 KB)
Re: Andradite N to Z
July 18, 2011 05:12AM
Rock, I have uploaded the first five images the regular way to the Mindat Gallery and my page. The last image has already been uploaded to the Mindat Gallery (Dec.2009) and is already in my photo gallery on my page. Hope these help. The Ball's Hill specimen is a real old-timer from around 1900 with really good luster for the locality.
avatar Re: Andradite N to Z
July 18, 2011 03:54PM
I have put them in the article. Good specimens.

Rock Currier
Crystals not pistols.

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