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Named after the Belgian geologist Jean-Baptiste d'Omalius d'Halloy, (February 16th 1783 - January 15th 1875), who discovered the mineral. He was a nobleman, a statesman, and pioneer of modern geology in Belgium. The 10-Å(ngström) refers to the layer thickness.

Note: halloysite-10Å is not a polytype of halloysite.
It is an approved (grandfathered) species distinct from halloysite-7Å.

Synonyms are "endellite" (name for halloysite-10Å in European literature; discredited in 2006), "hydrated halloysite" and "hydrohalloysite."
Further localities are listed under "endellite".

Classification of Halloysite-10Å

IMA status:Valid - first described prior to 1959 (pre-IMA) - "Grandfathered"
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Type Occurrence of Halloysite-10Å

Type Locality:Angleur, Liège, Liège Province, Belgium

Crystallography of Halloysite-10Å

Crystal System:Monoclinic
Class (H-M):m - Domatic
Cell Parameters:a = 5.1Å, b = 8.9Å, c = 10.25Å
β = 100.2°
Ratio:a:b:c = 0.573 : 1 : 1.152
Unit Cell Volume:V 457.89 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Comment:Space group Cc.
X-Ray Powder Diffraction:
10 (10)
4.36 (7)
3.35 (4)
2.54 (3.5)
1.48 (3)
1.672 (1.4)
1.281 (0.8)

Chemical Properties of Halloysite-10Å

· 2H
Simplified for copy/paste:Al2Si2O5(OH)4·2H2O
Essential elements:Al, H, O, Si
All elements listed in formula:Al, H, O, Si

Other Names for Halloysite-10Å

EndelliteHydrated HalloysiteHydrohalloysite
Other Languages:
Simplified Chinese:叙永石

Other Information

Health Warning:No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for Halloysite-10Å

Reference List:

- +
Berthier (1826)

American Mineralogist 28 (1943), 1

Am. Mineral. 40 (1955) 1110

Powder Diffraction File (International Center for Diffraction Data) 29-1489

Clays and Clay Minerals 26 (1978), 25

Powder Diffraction 4 (1989), 19

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  • Localities for Halloysite-10Å

    The map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
    (TL) indicates type locality. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
    • Río Negro
    CRAVERO, Fernanda; MARTINEZ, Gabriel Alexis and PESTALARD, Fernando. Halloysite deposits in Mamil Choique, provinceof Río Negro, Patagonia. Rev. Asoc. Geol. Argent. [online]. 2009, vol.65, n.3, pp. 586-592.
    • Styria
      • Bad Gleichenberg
        • Wilhelmsdorf
    # Uwe Kolitsch (powder X-ray diffraction; Halloysite-10Å)
    • Liège Province
      • Liège
    Ann.Chim.Phys., sér. 2 (1826) 32, 332-335
    • Fujian Province
      • Xiamen Prefecture
        • Tong'an District
    Mao Xingli and Yan Yipeng (1987): Journal of Fuzhou University, Natural Sciences Edition 15(3); Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica 11(2), 146-156 (1992)
    • Jiangsu Province
      • Suzhou Prefecture
        • Huqiu District
    Kecong Han and Shengyun Ma (1985): Mineral Deposits 4(2), 58-68
    • Sichuan Province
      • Luzhou Prefecture
        • Xuyong Co.
    Guoping Zhou (1990): Acta Mineralogica Sinica 10(1), 46-51
    • Southern Finland Region
      • Hämeenlinna
        • Kalvola
    Lindquist, K. & Alviola, R. (1996): Fracture filling endellite from Iittala, Finland. in: 14th Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology, September 2-6, 1996, Banská Štiavnica, Slovak Republik. Abstracts. Geologia Carpathica-Series Clays. 4 (4), 101-102
    • Hesse
      • Wetzlar
        • Weilburg
          • Essershausen
    Blaß, G. & Möhn, G. (2010): Neue Mineralien von der Grube Mark bei Essershausen im Taunus. Mineralien-Welt 21 (2), 26-29.
    • Veszprém Co.
      • Balaton Uplands
        • Tapolcai Basin
          • Zalahaláp
    • Basilicata
      • Potenza Province
        • Melfi
          • Vulture Mount
    Giorgio Bortolozzi collection (analysed by AMI UK Service)
    • Kyushu Region
      • Nansei Archipelago
        • Okinawa Prefecture
          • Tonaki Island
    Alfredo Petrov specimens; PXRD by John Attard, 1-2013.
    • Urals Region
      • Southern Urals
        • Chelyabinsk Oblast'
          • Mezhozernyi
    Igor Savin data
          • Ufaley District (Ufalei District)
    Talovina, I.V., Lazarenkov, V.G., Ryzhkova, S.O., Ugol'kov, V.L., and Vorontsova, N.I. (2008): Lithology and Mineral Resources 43(6), 588-595.
    Talovina, I.V., Lazarenkov, V.G., and Vorontsova, N.I. (2003): Lithology and Mineral Resources 38(5), 403-415.
        • Orenburgskaya Oblast'
          • Svetlyi
            • Buruktal District
              • Buruktal massif
    Talovina, I.V., Lazarenkov, V.G., and Vorontsova, N.I. (2003): Lithology and Mineral Resources 38(5), 403-415.
    • California
      • Inyo Co.
        • Darwin Hills
          • Darwin District
            • Darwin
    Pemberton, H. Earl (1983), Minerals of California; Van Nostrand Reinholt Press: 436.
      • San Diego Co.
        • Pala District
          • Pala
    Jahns, Richard Henry & Wright, Lauren A. (1951), Gem and lithium-bearing pegmatites of the Pala district, San Diego County, California. California Division of Mines Special Report 7-A: p. 31.
    • Georgia
      • DeKalb Co.
    Grant,Williard H.( ) Weathering Of Stone Mountain Granite:Emory University,Atlanta,Georgia
    • Indiana
      • Martin Co.
        • Shoals
    Patterson,Sam H.,and Murray,Haydn H.(1984) Kaolin,Refractory Clay,Ball Clay, and Halloysite in North America,Hawaii and the Caribbean Region:U.S Department of the Interior,Geological Survey Professional Paper #1306
    Sunderman, J & C. Beck (1959) Hydrobasaluminite from Shoals, Indiana: American Mineralogist: 54: 1363-1373.
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