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Titanian Augite

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(Ca,Na)(Mg,Ti, Fe,Al,)(Si,Al)
A variety of Augite

A Ti-rich variety of Augite

Classification of Titanian Augite

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Physical Properties of Titanian Augite


Chemical Properties of Titanian Augite

(Ca,Na)(Mg,Ti, Fe,Al,)(Si,Al)
Simplified for copy/paste:(Ca,Na)(Mg,Ti, Fe,Al,)(Si,Al)2O6
Essential elements:Ca, Mg, O, Si
All elements listed in formula:Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, Na, O, Si, Ti

Other Names for Titanian Augite

Other Languages:
Simplified Chinese:钛辉石

Other Information

Health Warning:No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

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  • Localities for Titanian Augite

    The map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
    (TL) indicates type locality. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
    AmMin 36:361-367
    • Salta
      • Iruya Department
    Woolley, A.R. (1987) Alkaline rocks and carbonatites of the world. p 163.
    • Tasmania
      • Scottsdale District
        • West Scottsdale
          • (Briggs Qry; Springfield)
    • Victoria
      • East Gippsland Shire
        • Omeo
          • Mt Wills Mining District
            • Glen Wills
    Eagle, R. (2009) . Petrology, petrogenesis and mineralisation of the Silurian pegmatites of the Mount Wills district, northeastern Victoria. B.Sc (Hons) thesis, University of Ballarat (unpubl.)
      • Kal Kallo
    • Burgenland
      • Oberpullendorf
        • Kobersdorf
          • Pauliberg
    R. Exel: Die Mineralien und Erzlagerstätten Österreichs (1993)
    • Salzburg
      • Saalfelden
        • Biberg (Bieberg)
    A. Strasser: Die Minerale Salzburgs (1989)
    • Pernambuco
      • Fernando de Noronha archipelago
        • Fernando de Noronha island
    Rao, A. B., & Sial, A. N. (1972). Observations on alkaline plugs near Fortaleza city, Ceará State, Brazil. In International Geological Congress (Vol. 24, pp. 56-61)
    Rao, A. B., & Sial, A. N. (1972). Observations on alkaline plugs near Fortaleza city, Ceará State, Brazil. In International Geological Congress (Vol. 24, pp. 56-61)
    • British Columbia
      • Golden Mining Division
    Jennifer Pell (1994) Carbonatites, Nepheline Syenites, Kimberlites and Related Rocks in British Columbia. Brithish Columbia Ministry of Energy Bulletin 88.
    • Nova Scotia
      • Yarmouth Co.
    CanMin 38:217-232 (2000)
    • Québec
      • Montréal
    Alarie, E. and Martin, R.F., (2006) Striking Megacrysts of Potassian Titanian Pargasite in a Camptonite Dike in East-End Montreal, Quebec in Geological Association of Canada, Program with Abstracts Volume 31
    • Yunnan Province
      • Chuxiong Autonomous Prefecture
        • Mouding Co.
    Zhihua Zhu (2010): Yunnan Geology 29(3), 235-244
    • Zhejiang Province
      • Huzhou Prefecture
        • Wuxing District
    National Geological Archives of China database, record no. X00021602
    • Napo Province
    Ricardo D Escobar, Jennifer M Garrison, Kenneth W Sims, Timothy P Matthews, Gene M Yogodzinski (2012) V11D-2801: Geochemistry and petrogenetic history of lavas from Sumaco Volcano, Northern Volcanic Zone, Ecuador. AGU Fall meeting
    French Polynesia
    • Windward Islands
      • Tahiti
        • Papeete
    AmMin 62:634 (1977)
    • Baden-Württemberg
      • Kaiserstuhl
        • Oberbergen
    Weiss: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
    • Hesse
      • Vogelsberg
        • Schotten
          • Gonterskirchen
    S. Weiß: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
    • North Rhine-Westphalia
      • Siegerland
        • Neunkirchen
          • Salchendorf
    Klein, E. (1999): Ein Basanit-Vorkommen nordwestlich von Salchendorf bei Neunkirchen / Siegerland. Der Aufschluss, 50, 203-206.
    • Qaasuitsup
      • Uummannaq (Umanak)
    Benson, W.N. (1940): Kaersutite and other brown Amphiboles in the Cainozoic Igneous rocks of the Dunedin District, Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Vol. 69, 283-308
    • Nógrád Co.
      • Karancs-Medves Mtns
        • Salgótarján
    EGU / EGS - AGU - EUG Joint Assembly, Abstracts from the meeting held in Nice, France, 6 - 11 April 2003, abstract #748 "Silicate melt inclusions in olivine phenocrysts from Hegyestu (Bakony-Balaton Highland) and Pecsko alkaline basalts (Nograd-Gomor), Hungary"
    • Veszprém Co.
      • Balaton Uplands
        • Zánka
    XVI ECROFI European Current Research On Fluid Inclusions, Porto 2001, Abstracts (Eds F. Noronha, A. Dória and A. Guedes), Faculdade de Ciências do Porto, Departamento de Geologia, Memória nº 7, pp. 237-240. Porto, 2001
    • Assam
      • Karbi Anglong District
    S. Nag, S. K. Sengupta, R. K. Gaur and A. Absar (1999) Alkaline rocks of Samchampi-Samteran, District Karbi Anglong, Assam, India. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Earth and Planetary Sciences, 108, 33-48.
    • Qala-Diz (Qala-Dizeh; Qala-Diza)
      • Hero
    Al-Hermezi, H. M., McKie, D., & Hall, A. J. (1986). Baghdadite, a new calcium zirconium silicate mineral from Iraq. Mineralogical Magazine, 50, 119-123.
    • Co. Louth
      • Carlingford
    S. R. Nockolds and H. G. C. Vincent (1947) On Tilleyite and Its Associated Minerals from Carlingford, Ireland. Mineralogical Magazine 28:151-158.
    • Sicily
      • Messina Province
        • Eolie Islands (Aeolian Islands)
          • Lipari
    F. Andreoli, P.Mariani, G. Scaini (1978): I minerali d'Italia. Sagdos S.p.A. Brugherio, Rizzoli Ed., Milano 569 pp
    F. Andreoli, P.Mariani, G. Scaini (1978): I minerali d'Italia. Sagdos S.p.A. Brugherio, Rizzoli Ed., Milano 569 pp
      • Trapani Province
    Journal of Petrology (1998)
    • Honshu Island
      • Chugoku region
        • Shimane Prefecture
          • Hamada City
    Masaru Yamaguchi (1964) Petrogenic Significance of Ultrabasic Inclusions in Basaltic Rocks from Southwest Japan. Memoirs of the Faculty of Science, Kyushu University, Series D, Geology, 15, #1, 163-219.
    • Kyushu Region
      • Nansei Archipelago
        • Kagoshima Prefecture
          • Tokara Archipelago
    Alfredo Petrov specimen
    New Zealand
    • North Island
      • Auckland
        • Auckland City
    E. J. Searle (1961): The petrology of the Auckland Basalts, New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 4:2, 165-204
    • Guairá Department
    Geological Survey Professional Paper 327 (U.S. Department of the Interior, 1959); Gomes, C. B., Comin-Chiaramonti, P., Velázquez, V. F., & Orué, D. (1996). Alkaline magmatism in Paraguay: a review. Alkaline Magmatism in Central-Eastern Paraguay. Relationships with Coeval Magmatism in Brazil, 31-56.
    • Western-Siberian Region
      • Kemerovskaya Oblast'
        • Belogorsk
    Sazonov Anatoliy, Vulf Marina, Leont’ev Sergey (2001) Geochemical Zoning of Ore Body of Kiya-shaltyr Deposit (Kyznetskiy Alatay). Abstracts of XXVII International conference School «Geochemistry of Alkaline rocks». – Moscow-Koktebel’. pp. 240 pp.
    • Banská Bystrica Region
      • Lučenec Co.
    M. Huraiova et al. , Eur. J. Mineral. , 1996, 8, pp. 901-916.
    Ďuďa,R., Mrázek,Z., Košuth,M., 1984: Postmagmatická zeolitová mineralizácia Cérovej vrchoviny. Min.Slovaca, 16,2,157 - 172
      • Rimavská Sobota Co.
    Koděra, M. et al., 1986 a 1990 : Topografická mineralógia Slovenska, diel 1- 3, Veda – Vydavateľstvo SAV, Bratislava, 1990, 1 – 1590k
    South Korea
    • Gyeongsangbuk-do (Kyongsang-bukto; Gyeongsangbugdo)
      • Ulleung-gun
    Atsuo Harumoto (1970) Volcanic Rocks and Associated Rocks of Utsuryoto Island, (Japan Sea). (39pp + geological map)
    • Canary Islands
      • Las Palmas Province
        • Gran Canaria (Grand Canary)
    H.U. Schmincke and M. Sumita : "Tephra Event Stratigraphy and Emplacement of Volcanoclastic Sediments, Mogan and Fataga Stratigraphic Intervals, Part II : Origin and Emplacement of Volcanoclastic Layers", LEG 157—SCIENTIFIC RESULTS (ISSN: 1096-7451), Gran Canaria and Madeira Abyssal Plain, Sites 950-956, http://www-odp.tamu.edu/publications/157_SR/Abstract/15.HTM
    • Kilimanjaro Region
    C.T. Lee et al. , Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. , 2000, 139, pp. 470-484.
    The Moon
    • Taurus-Littrow Valley
    Longhi, J., Walker, D., Grove, T. L., Stolper, E. M., & Hays, J. F. (1974) The petrology of the Apollo 17 mare basalts. In: Lunar Science Conference, 5th, Houston, Tex., March 18-22, 1974, Proceedings. Volume 1. (A75-39540 19-91) New York, Pergamon Press, Inc., 1974, p. 447-469.
    • Scotland
      • Strathclyde (Ayrshire)
    Mineralogical Magazine 1963 33 : 718-720
    • Arizona
      • Yavapai Co.
    CanMin 34:221-240
    • Arkansas
      • Hot Spring Co.
    Rocks and Minerals, (2001) 76:257
    • Colorado
      • Fremont Co.
        • Iron Mountain complex
    Minerals of Colorado (1997) E.B. Eckels
    Minerals of Colorado (1997) Eckels, E. B.
    • Maine
      • Hancock Co.
    King & Foord, 1994: Mineralogy of Maine, V.1
    • Massachusetts
      • Middlesex Co.
    Emerson, B.K. Geology of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1917. (USGS Bulletin 597), p.206.
    • Montana
      • Powell Co.
    • New Hampshire
      • Grafton Co.
    Williams, Turner, Gilbert, 1954. Petrography
    • North Carolina
    Denison,R.E.,Raveling,H.P., and Rouse,J.T.,(1967) Age and Descriptions of Subface Basement Rocks,Pamlico and Albemarle Sound Area,North Carolina:American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletion,v.51,p.268-272
    • Texas
      • Brewster Co.
        • Big Bend National Park
    Am Min 55:5-6 pp 864-874
    • Vermont
      • Rutland Co.
        • Shrewsbury
    Eby, G. N. and McHone, J. G. (1997) Plutonic and hypabyssal intrusions of the Early Cretaceous
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