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Synonym of:Grossular-Hibschite Series

A general term for the grossular-hibschite series (see hibschite).

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References for Hydrogrossular

Reference List:

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O'Neill, B., Bass, J.D., and Rossman, G.R. (1993) Elastic properties of hydrogrossular garnet and implications for water in the upper mantle. Journal of Geophysical Research: 98: 20031-20037.

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  • Localities for Hydrogrossular

    The map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
    (TL) indicates type locality. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
    • Tasmania
      • Huon district
        • Weld river
    Bottrill & Baker (in prep) Catalogue of minerals of Tasmania
      • Waratah district
        • Waratah
    Bottrill, unpub.
    • Manitoba
    • Henan Province
      • Nanyang Prefecture
        • Tongbai Co.
    Anthony, Bideaux, Bladh, Nichols: Handbook of Mineralogy, Vol. 3 (1997)
    • Bavaria
      • Franconia
        • Maroldsweisach
    Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", 2001
    • Lower Saxony
      • Harz
        • Bad Harzburg
          • Radau valley
    No reference listed
    • Rhineland-Palatinate
      • Palatinate
        • Otterberg
          • Niederkirchen
    Weiss: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
    • Pest Co.
      • Szentendre
        • Dunabogdány
    Topographia Mineralogica Hungariae VI.
    • Tuscany
      • Lucca Province
        • Garfagnana
          • Villa Collemandina
    • Honshu Island
      • Chugoku Region
        • Okayama Prefecture
          • Takahashi City
            • Bicchu-cho (Bitchu-cho)
              • Fuka
    I. Kusachi, Y. Takechi, C. Henmi and S. Kobayashi (1998) Parasibirskite, a New Mineral from Fuka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Mineralogical Magazine 62:521-525.
      • Tohoku Region
        • Fukushima Prefecture
    Matsuyama, F. (2001)
    • Queretaro
      • Mun. de Cadereyta
        • Maconi
    [MinRec 32:421]
    New Zealand
    • North Island
      • Northland
        • Kaipara
    Mason, B. (1957): Larnite, scawtite, and hydrogrossular from Tokatoka, New Zealand. American Mineralogist 42, 379-392.; Baker, C. K. & Black, P. M. (1980): Assimilation and metamorphism at a basalt-limestone contact, Tokatoka, New Zealand. Mineralogical Magazine 43, 797-807.
    • Nordland
      • Vefsn
        • Mosjøen
    Nissen (1972): Fluorescent hydrogrossular from Nordland, Norway. American Mineralogist. 57: 1535-1540
    • Telemark
      • Hjartdal
        • Sauland
          • Kleppan
    Wachtmeister, T. (1831): Undersøkning af ett hvitt Granatformigt mineral från Norrige. Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens Handlingar 1831, 155-158; Neumann, H. & Svinndal, S.(1955): The Cyprin-Thulite deposit at Øvstebø, near Kleppan in Sauland, Telemark, Norway. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift 34,139-156 p. 155); Selbekk R.S. (2010): Norges mineraler. En revidert utgave av Norges mineraler (Neumann 1985). Tapir-NGU-NHM. 552p (p. 295)
      • Skien
    Jamtveit B., Dahlgren S. and Austrheim H. (1997): High-grade contact metamorphism of calcareous rocks from the Oslo Rift, Southern Norway. American Mineralogist. 82 : 1241 - 1254
    • Muscat Province (Masqat Province)
      • Sib
    • Eastern-Siberian Region
      • Sakha Republic (Saha Republic; Yakutia)
    Am Min 90: 1688-1692
    • Košice Region
      • Rožňava Co.
    Pauliš P., Ďuďa R., 2002:Nejznámejší mineralogická nalezište Slovenska. Kuttna, Kutná Hora, 136p
    South Africa
    • Northern Cape Province
    Cairncross/Dixon, 1995. Minerals of South Africa
    • Värmland
      • Filipstad
    No reference listed
        • Persberg district
          • Pajsberg
    Kjell Gatedal
    • Taiwan Province
      • Hualien Co.
        • Wan-Lon
    • England
      • Co. Durham
        • North Pennines
          • Teesdale
            • Harwood
    Dunham, Sir K. C. Geology of the North Pennine Orefield, Volume 1 Tyne to Stainmore (2nd Edition), pp 239.
    • California
      • Mendocino Co.
        • Cloverdale area
          • Russian River
    Pabst, Adolf, Gross, E.B., and Alfors, J.T. (1967) Rosenhahnite, a new hydrous calcium silicate from Mendocino County, California. American Mineralogist: 52: 336; Pemberton, H. Earl (1983), Minerals of California; Van Nostrand Reinholt Press: 496.
        • Mayacmas Mts (Mayacamas Mts)
          • Red Mountain District
            • Red Mountain
    No reference listed
    • Maryland
      • Montgomery Co.
        • Rockville
    minerals of washington d.c. area; L.R. Bernstein
    • New Mexico
      • Luna Co.
        • Tres Hermanas District
          • South Sisters Peak
    NMGS 21st Field Conference
    • Washington
      • Whatcom Co.
        • Sumas Mountain
    Minerals of Washington, B. Cannon, 1975
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