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System:MonoclinicColour:brownish black
Lustre:VitreousHardness:5½ - 6
Name:Magnesiosadanagite was defined by Shimazaki et.al(1984) as an Al rich amphibole with K>Na and Mg>Fe2+. In the 1997 amphibole nomenclature ( Leake et. al) magnesiosadanagaite was redefined with Na>K, so that the mineral originally described as magnesiosadanagaite became potassic-magnesiosadanagaite.

Magnesiosadanagaite in accordance with the 1997 nomenclature was identified and published by Banno et al. (2004).

In the 2012 amphibole nomenclature, sadanagaite was redefined to be the Na, Mg and Al dominant member of the group, thus obsoleting the name magnesiosadanagaite. The magnesiosadanagaite of Banno et. al (2004) is from 2012 named sadanagite.
Synonym of:Sadanagaite
This page provides mineralogical data about Magnesiosadanagaite.

Other Information

Fluorescence in UV light:none

References for Magnesiosadanagaite

Reference List:

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Mineralogical Record (1998): 29: 169-174.

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Makino, K., Bunno, M., Yamada, S. and Kamiya, T. (2004): Magnesiosadanagaite, a new member of the amphibole group from Kasuga-mura, Gifu prefecture, central Japan., European Journal of Mineralogy: 16(1): 177-183.

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  • Localities for Magnesiosadanagaite

    (TL) indicates type locality. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
    Burma (Myanmar)
    • Mandalay Division
      • Pyin-Oo-Lwin District
    (Material from this locality has been renamed sadanagaite; Please do not reenter the old names here.)
    • Ehime Prefecture
      • Inland Sea (Setonaikai)
    Shimazaki, H., Bunno, M., & Ozawa, T. (1984). Sadanagaite and magnesio-sadanagaite, new silica-poor members of calcific amphibole from Japan. Am. Mineral, 69, 465-471.
    • Honshu Island
      • Chubu Region
        • Gifu Prefecture
          • Ibigawa-cho
            • Kasuga-mura
    Material from this locality has been renamed sadanagaite; Please do not reenter the old names here
    (Material from this locality has been renamed sadanagaite; Please do not reenter the old names here.); Banno, Y., Miyawaki, R., Kogure, T., Matsubara, S., Kamiya, T., & Yamada, S. (2005). Aspidolite, the Na analogue of phlogopite, from Kasuga-mura, Gifu Prefecture, central Japan: description and structural data. Mineralogical Magazine, 69(6), 1047-1057.
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