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Manganese Dendrites

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A variety of Manganese Oxides

Black dendritic films of various visually indistinguishable black manganese oxides, may consist of Birnessite, Coronadite, Cryptomelane, Hollandite, Romanèchite, Todorokite or other species. Many manganese minerals have similar strong x-ray lines and line-broadening can make x-ray diffraction identification ineffectual. Potter and Rossman (1979) have found that infra-red spectroscopy has been helpful in verifying some dendrite mineralogy. Currently, there are no known manganese dendrites in the world which contain Pyrolusite.

Classification of Manganese Dendrites

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Other Names for Manganese Dendrites

Dendriti di Manganese
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Other Information

Health Warning:No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for Manganese Dendrites

Reference List:

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Science (1977) 196: 1446-1448
Potter, R. & Rossman, G. (1979) Mineralogy of Manganese Dendrites and Coatings. Am.Min. 64: 1219-1226

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  • Localities for Manganese Dendrites

    The map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
    (TL) indicates type locality. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
    • Catamarca
      • Antofagasta de la Sierra Department
    Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry
    • Jujuy
      • El Carmen Department
    Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry
    Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry
    • San Luis
      • Coronel Pringles Department
    Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry
    Hugo A. Peña (1970). Minerales y rocas de aplicación de la Provincia de Tucumán. Dirección Provincial de Minas. Tucumán.
    Ávila, J.C., Gozalvez, M.E. y Sardi, F.G., 1992. Los nódulos de manganeso de Tucumán.Su comparación con los de los fondos del Océano Pacífico. 1ra Reunión de Mineralogía y Metalogenia y 1ra Jornada de Mineralogía, Petrografía y Metalogénesis de Rocas Ultrabásicas. Instituto de Recursos Minerales, UNLP. Publicación 2: 35-44.
      • Tafí del Valle Department
        • Cerro Pichao
    Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry
      • Trancas Department
    Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry
      • Yerba Buena Department
    Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry
    • Northern Territory
      • Central Desert Shire
        • Harts Range (Harts Ranges; Hartz Range; Hartz Ranges)
    • Victoria
      • City of Greater Geelong
        • Anakie
    Judy Rowe collection
        • Fyansford
          • Lower Paper Mills Road
    Judy Rowe Collection
    • Burgenland
      • Großpetersdorf
        • Badersdorf
    • Lower Austria
      • Waldviertel
        • Nöchling
    peter neschen collection
        • Persenbeug-Gottsdorf
    peter neschen collection
        • Yspertal
    peter neschen collection
    • Styria
      • Bad Gleichenberg
        • Wilhelmsdorf
    peter neschen collection
      • Feldbach
        • Mühldorf
    peter neschen collection
    • Minas Gerais
      • Doce valley
        • Governador Valadares
          • Golconda district
    • Fujian Province
      • Fuzhou Prefecture
        • Jin'an District
          • Shoushan
    Amo Wang specimen (see photo)
    Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre)
    • Katanga (Shaba)
      • Katanga Copper Crescent
        • Kambove District
    Paul De Bondt collection
        • Lubumbashi (Elizabethville)
    Paul De Bondt
    • Nordjylland Region
      • Vesthimmerland
        • Farsø
          • Ertebølle
    Bert de Ruiter
    • Guayas Province
      • Daule Canton
        • Km 46 Vía Daule
    Alejandro Felix Gutierrez
      • Guayaquil Canton
        • Guayaquil
          • Pascuales
            • La Germania
    Alejandro Felix Gutierrez
    • Alsace
      • Haut-Rhin
        • Lauch Valley
          • Soultz-Haut-Rhin
    J.-L. Hohl: "Minéraux et Mines du Massif Vosgien", Editions du Rhin (Mulhouse), 1994
    • Languedoc-Roussillon
      • Pyrénées-Orientales
        • Maureillas-Las-Illas
          • Mas d'en Peixeta
    Olivier Mével spécimen
    Berbain, C., Favreau, G. & Aymar, J. (2005): Mines et minéraux des Pyrénées-Orientales et des Corbières, Association Française de Microminéralogie Ed., 202-204.
    • Bavaria
      • Franconia
        • Fichtelgebirge
          • Wunsiedel
            • Göpfersgrün
    F. Müller: "Bayerns steinreiche Ecke", 2nd ed., Oberfränkische Verlagsanstalt (Hof), 1984
            • Sinatengrün
    F. Müller: "Bayerns steinreiche Ecke", 2nd ed., Oberfränkische Verlagsanstalt (Hof), 1984
        • Solnhofen
    S. Weiß: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
      • Upper Bavaria
        • Eichstätt
          • Blumenberg
    S. Weiß: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
          • Schamhaupten
    Alfred Passath Collection
      • Upper Palatinate
        • Oberpfälzer Wald
          • Weiden
            • Oberhöll
    S. Weiß: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
    • Hesse
      • Odenwald
        • Reichelsheim
          • Erzbach
    Nickel, E., and Fettel, M. (1985): Odenwald. Sammlung geologischer Führer Vol. 65, 2nd ed., Bornträger (Berlin, Stuttgart), 231 pp.
    • North Rhine-Westphalia
      • Aachen
        • Stolberg
          • Gressenich
    found by FdW
      • Münsterland
        • Steinfurt
          • Wettringen
    [email protected]
    • Schleswig-Holstein
      • Plön
        • Bösdorf - Bad Malente area
    A. Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", Schweizerbart (Stuttgart), 2001
    • Aegean Islands Department (Aiyaíon)
      • Kykládes Prefecture
        • Cyclade Islands (Cyclades; Kikladhes; Nomos Kikladhon)
          • Serifos Island (Seriphos)
    Rottenmanner, G. (2010): Baryt, Fluorit und Calcit aus Serifos. Der Steirische Mineralog, H. 24, 41-46.
    • Baranya Co.
      • Mecsek Mtns
        • Pécs
    Mineral Species of Hugary, 2005
    • Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Co.
      • Rudabányai Mtns
    Mineral Species of Hungary, 2005
    • Fejér Co.
      • Szár Hill
        • Kőszárhegy
    Mineral Species of Hungary, 2005
    • Heves Co.
      • Mátra Mtns
        • Gyöngyöstarján
    • Komárom-Esztergom Co.
      • Gerecse Mtns
        • Tatabánya
    • Nógrád Co.
      • Mátra Mtns
    Mineral Species of Hungary, 2005
    • Tuscany
      • Lucca Province
        • Borgo a Mozzano
          • Valdottavo
    C. Biagioni
    • Kyushu Region
      • Kagoshima Prefecture
        • Kirishima City
          • Hayato
    Hiromi Yamasaki collection
    • Erongo Region
      • Brandberg area
        • Goboboseb Mts
    Egil Hollund Collection
    • Finnmark
      • Gamvik
        • Mehamn
    Rune Alexander Fredriksen photo & collection
      • Lebesby
        • Kjøllefjord
    Rune Alexander Fredriksen photo & specimen
    • Østfold
      • Råde
    Egil Hollund Collection
    • Opolskie
      • Krapkowice District
    Kornaga Collection
    Kwiatkowski 2005, Origin of chert nodules from the Polish Muschelkalk, Middle Triassic
    • Beja District
      • Odemira
        • São Luís
    António Martins collection
    • Castelo Branco District
    Martins da Pedra collection
    • Setúbal District
    Rui Nunes 2010
    Martins da Pedra collection
        • Santiago do Cacém
    Martins da Pedra collection
    Rui Nunes collection
        • Castelo
          • Azoia
    Rui Nunes collection
    • Viseu District
      • Sátão
        • Ferreira de Aves
          • Aldeia Nova
    Van King
    • Košice Region
      • Trebišov Co.
    Alfred Passath Collection
    South Africa
    • KwaZulu-Natal Province
      • Durban
        • Bellair
    Heron, H.D.C. (1990/1991). A note on manganese dendrite and oxide masses from selected Natal localities. Micro News and Views, 17(1):2-6 and 17(2):2-4); Heron, H.D.C. (1996). Leached assemblages in dolerite boulders from level 3 NE at Coedmore Quarries, Durban. Unpublished report for the Quarry Management.
        • Cato Manor
          • Umbilo Valley
    Heron, 1991). Locality Data Sheet (ML23): Ridgeview Quarry. Issued together with Micro News and Views 18(2) (1992).
    • Catalonia
      • Tarragona
        • Priorat
          • El Molar
    Col. Agustin Agudo Espinosa.
    • England
      • Cumbria
        • North and Western Region (Cumberland)
          • West Cumberland Iron Field
            • Kirkland
    Lloyd Llewellyn, self-collected (see picture)
    • Arizona
      • Pima Co.
        • Tucson Mts
          • Amole District
    P Cristofono collection, 2006
    • Arkansas
      • Garland Co.
        • Hot Springs
    • California
      • San Diego Co.
        • Pala District
          • Pala
            • Chief Mountain
              • Elizabeth R. Mine (Hazel W. claim)
    Stephenson, J. (2008), Pala District Opens Wider: Oceanview Mine Strikes It Big. Gem News: Pala International, Fallbrook, CA. January 16th.
        • Rincon District
          • Rincon
            • Rincon Mountain
    Van King
    • Colorado
      • Hinsdale Co.
    Rocks & Minerals: Sept, 1998
    • Connecticut
      • Fairfield Co.
        • Ridgefield
          • Branchville
    Ted Johnson collection
      • Hartford Co.
        • Avon
    John Burnham
    P Cristofono collection
    P. Cristofono collection
      • Middlesex Co.
        • Portland
          • Collins Hill
            • Strickland pegmatite (Strickland-Cramer Quarry; Strickland-Cramer Mine; Strickland-Cramer Feldspar-Mica Quarries)
    Van King
    • Iowa
      • Clinton Co.
        • Folletts
    E.L. Clopton collection
    Rocks & Minerals: Nov-Dec 2002
    • Kansas
    Ransom, 1974. Gems and Minerals of America
    • Kentucky
      • Breckinridge Co.
    Rocks & Minerals 81:420-440
    • Maine
      • Androscoggin Co.
        • Auburn
          • East Mount Apatite District
    Daniel Levesque collection
      • Oxford Co.
        • Albany
    P. Cristofono collection
        • Buckfield
    AmMin 10:355-411 (1925)
        • Greenwood
          • Uncle Tom Mountain
    Van King
    P. Cristofono collection
        • Stoneham
    Van King
    Bill Bunn specimen and photo
        • West Paris
    King, V. and Foord, E., 1994, Mineralogy of Maine, v. 1.
    • Maryland
      • Montgomery Co.
        • Rockville
    F. Parker (2005) "The Minerals of the Hunting Hill Quarry, Rockville, Maryland" Mineralogical Record 35:435-446.
    • Massachusetts
      • Essex Co.
        • Lynn
    William Prescott (1852) Journal of the Essex County Natural History Society: containing various Communications to the Society pp 78-91
      • Franklin Co.
    Emerson, B. K. (1895): A Mineralogical Lexicon of Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties, Massachusetts (USGS Bulletin 126).
      • Hampshire Co.
        • Easthampton
      • Middlesex Co.
    P. Cristofono collection
      • Worcester Co.
        • Lunenburg
    P Cristofono collection
    • Michigan
      • Baraga Co.
        • Alberta
    Dan Fountain Collection
      • Marquette Co.
        • Dead River Basin
    Dan Fountain Collection
    • Missouri
      • Phelps Co.
    Charles Calkins
    • Montana
      • Madison Co.
        • Gravelly Range
    Gobla, M.J. (2012) Montana mineral locality index. Rocks & Minerals, 87, #3, 208-240; Chris Tucker and John Betts specimens.
    • Nevada
      • Nye Co.
        • Bare Mountain District (Fluorine District)
    Peggy L. Smith, J.V. Tingley (1983) NBMG OFR 83-12
      • Washoe Co.
    • New Hampshire
      • Carroll Co.
        • Wakefield
    P. Cristofono collection, 2012
      • Cheshire Co.
        • Walpole
    P. Cristofono collection
        • Westmoreland
    P Cristofono collection
      • Grafton Co.
        • Groton
    P. Cristofono collection
        • Orange
    P. Cristofono collection, 2013
      • Hillsborough Co.
        • Amherst
    P. Cristofono collection
    P Cristofono collection, 2007
      • Merrimack Co.
        • Hooksett
    P Cristofono collection, 2010
    • New Mexico
      • Hidalgo Co.
        • Pyramid Mts
          • Lordsburg District
            • Lordsburg
              • Virginia District
    P Cristofono collection, 2008
      • Luna Co.
    P Cristofono collection
      • Taos Co.
        • Picuris District
    Dean Allum
    • New York
      • Lewis Co.
        • Diana Township
          • Harrisville
    St. Lawrence County Rock & Mineral Club
    • North Carolina
    Bruce Osborne Collection
    • Pennsylvania
      • Adams Co.
        • Gettysburg
    Rocks & Minerals 81:229-234
      • Northampton Co.
        • Forks Township
          • Easton
            • Chestnut Hill
    • Rhode Island
      • Providence Co.
        • Lincoln
          • Lime Rock
    P Cristofono collection, 2008
    George, Gilbert (1969). Latest Finds at Roadcuts in RI (Micromounters of New England Newsletter, Dec. 1969).
    • South Dakota
      • Custer Co.
        • Custer District
          • Custer
    • Texas
      • Karnes Co.
    • Wisconsin
      • Marathon Co.
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