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Name:First named in 1821 by Lardner Vanuxem and william H. Keating, but not described. Thomson (1836) supposed it was named [from the Greek?] "in consequence of the difficulty of decomposing this mineral by fusing it with carbonate of soda." and provided a chemical analysis that would seem to be of a zincian hercynite and not a gahnite. Dysluite remained as a yellow green variety of gahnite or possibly a valid species long after Vanuxem and Keating seemingly abandoned it after 1824. The color of the mineral was unlike either gahnite or automalite. After Alger (1844) maintained dysluite, Silliman, Jr. (1844) criticized dysluite remaining in his book and Alger (1846) agreed that the mineral was not a separate species.
Synonym of:Gahnite

Yellow green octahedral crystals

References for Dysluite

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