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Hotan Jade

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Name:For the occurrences in Hetian County (Hotan County), Xinjiang Province, China.
Synonym of:Hetian Jade

An alternative name for Hetian Jade. Hotan is the name of Hetian in the Uyghur language.

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Yanling Tang, Dequan Liu, and Ruizhong Zhou (2002): Study on name, culture, quality and mineral deposit of Hetian jade. Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica 21(s1), 13-21.

Wenyuan Cui and Fuxu Yang (2002): Study on Hetian jade (tremolite jade). Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica 21(s1), 26-33.

Zhenhua Zhou and Jiarui Feng (2010): A petrological and mineralogical comparison between Xinjiang nephrite and Xiuyan nephrite. Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica 29(3), 331-340.

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