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Note: the use of the name nováčekite is inconsistent in the literature. There are two differently hydrated species (Walenta, 1964), one with 12 water molecules (nováčekite = nováčekite-I), the other with 10 water molecules (nováčekite-II). A further, still less hydrated species is metanováčekite.

Both nováčekite-I and nováčekite-II are grandfathered species.
Their crystal structures have been solved by Locock et al. (2004); nováčekite-I is triclinic (P-1), with a 7.1594(5) Å, b 7.1610(5) Å, c 11.3146(7) Å, α 81.391(2)°, β 81.177(1)°, γ 88.884(1)°, while nováčekite-II is monoclinic (P21/n), with a 7.1328(11) Å, b 20.085(3) Å, c 7.1569(11) Å, β 90.585(3)°.

Nováčekite-I is very unstable under ambient conditions and quickly dehydrates to nováčekite-II, in part also to metanováčekite.
"Nováčekite" specimens in collections mostly seem to be either nováčekite-II or metanováčekite.

Classification of Nováčekite

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Other Information

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References for Nováčekite

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Walenta, K. & Wimmenauer, W. (1961): Der Mineralbestand des Michaelganges im Weiler bei Lahr (Schwarzwald). Jh. Geol. Landesamt Baden-Württemberg, 4, 7-37.

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    • Bahia
      • Brumado (Bom Jesus dos Meiras)
        • Serra das Éguas
    Van King
    Czech Republic
    • Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
      • Karlovy Vary Region
        • Horní Slavkov (Schlaggenwald)
    Sejkora, J. & Plasil, J. (2009): Mineralien aus dem Uranrevier Horni Slavkov. Lapis 34 (7-8), 63-67; 70 (in German).
      • Ústí Region
        • Krušné Hory Mts (Erzgebirge)
          • Klášterec nad Ohří
            • Měděnec (Kupferberg)
    - Hyrsl, J. & Korbel, P. (2009): Tschechien & Slowakei, Mineralien und Fundstellen. Page 60-75.
    • Rhône-Alpes
      • Haute-Savoie
        • Vallorcine
    Meisser, N. (2012): La minéralogie de l'uranium dans le massif des Aiguilles Rouges. Matér. Géol. Suisse, Sér. géotech. 96, 183 p.
    • Souss-Massa-Draâ Region
      • Ouarzazate Province
        • Tazenakht
          • Bou Azer District (Bou Azzer District)
    Favreau, G., Dietrich, J. E., Meisser, N., Brugger, J., Ait Haddouch, L. & Maacha, L. (2007): Bou Azzer, Morocco. Mineralogical Record 38, 345-407
            • Tamdrost
    Favreau, G., Dietrich, J. E., Meisser, N., Brugger, J., Ait Haddouch, L. & Maacha, L. (2007): Bou Azzer, Morocco. Mineralogical Record 38, 345-407
    • Northern Caucasus Region
      • Adygea Republic (Adygeya)
    Pekov I.V. et al. (2010) Mineralogy of Belorechenskoe deposit (Northern Caucasus, Russia). Mineralogical Almanakh, 15(2).
    • Wallis (Valais)
      • Anniviers Valley
        • Saint-Luc
    Ansermet, S. (2012): Mines et minéraux du Valais - II. Anniviers et Tourtemagne. With contributions by N. Meisser, Ed. Porte-plumes (Ayer)
    • Texas
      • Oldham Co.
    Page, L. R.; Stocking, H. E.; Smith, H. B. (1956) Contributions to the geology of uranium and thorium by the United States Geological Survey and Atomic Energy Commission for the United Nations International Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, Switzerland, 1955. USGS Professional Paper 300 p 537
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