Kyanite : Al2(SiO4)O

minID: 3P9-6E7

Kyanite : Al2(SiO4)O

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Transparent to azure-blue bladed crystals of Kyanite in granular Smoky Quartz. Crystals run the entire length
of the specimen, and reverse shows some fibrous habit of the species. Old label lists locality as simply Ridley
Township, Delaware County, PA., but is likely collected from the Kyanite occurrences at Darby
Creek/Prospect Park area, a Dana locality which has yielded beautiful specimens since the early to
mid 19th century. Old label lists the modern spelling "Kyanite" instead of "Cyanite" so was likely collected at
some point in the early to mid 20th century. Specimen size: 11 x 5cm. From the PA Annex of my personal
collection, acquired in 2003.

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