Gold : Au

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Gold : Au

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Dimensions: 9.7 cm x 9.5 cm x 3.2 cm
Weight: 815 g

Gold crystallised (9,7cm x 9,5cm x 3,2cm) , 815 grams.
Mario Pauwels collection , Joaquim Callén photo.

Gold was the last mineral to form in a cavity already lined with Quartz and Ankerite crystals, who are both gangue minerals in the Golden Mile lodes. The rhombic and hexagonal impressions in this Gold specimen were made because the presence of Quartz and Ankerite and because a lack of space. The base of this heavy Gold specimen was in direct contact with the crystal lined wall of the vug, while the upper specimen side had areas with open space were lustrous rounded complex Gold crystals were able to form. This specimen is reputedley to be the best Gold specimen ever found in the entire district.
The specimen has also been featured in the book "Nature's Garden of Crystals" on page 112 and also in the book "Gold For Collectors on page 235.

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