Fluorite : CaF2, Pyrite : FeS2

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Fluorite : CaF2, Pyrite : FeS2

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Dimensions: 6.4 cm x 4.9 cm x 4.4 cm

WOW! One so seldom sees a specimen from this famous find of 25 years or so ago, that at first I didn't even register what I was looking at! This is a fantastic example of the famous Peruvian pink fluorites , from a one-time important find in the fall of 1981. It features pale pink fluorite crystals that are so transparent you can see right through them to the matrix. They are sharply octohedral, to 2 cm in size. the association with crystallized pyrite is a very rare bonus, seldom seen in such close association with the pink fluorites and treasured all the more when found. This is a subtle specimen, and is much better in person. It is, to my mind, a very "elegant" and sculptural piece but this is hard to convey in the flat photos. 6.4 x 4.9 x 4.4 cm

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Photo added: 27th Jan 2005