Quartz (Var: Chalcedony) : SiO2

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Quartz (Var: Chalcedony) : SiO2

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A small piece of silicified limestone with secondary fillings of blueish chalcedony in the voids in between. The blueish chalcedony (see second photo shot in incandescent light) shows a rather strong fluorescence of green color in short-wave UV light. Some of the chalcedony shows a botryoidal habit and can also be overgrown by small quartz crystals. In these cases the fluorescence shows a banding that coincides with the agatoid banding seen in the wall-lining chalcedony. The creme-colored parts are completely silicified (no calcite is left in the matrix), resemble porcelain in places and are almost opaque. They show a white and blueish white fluorescence. Pure blue patches are reflections of the UV lamp.
Width of the specimen: 7cm.
UV photo white balanced to 5000K.
Found in April 2010 in the rubble at the road cut shown in the locality photos. Collection Alfredo Petrov.

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