Calcite : CaCO3, Copper : Cu

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minID: 41G-J16

Calcite : CaCO3, Copper : Cu

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Size: H:6cm x W:8.6cm x D:3cm


A complex twinned growth of calcite crystals with stacked parallel scalenohedral terminations with dense bright inclusions of copper within.

Through the base you can see the copper layer comprises tiny particles covering an earlier phase of white calcite.

To the flanks and back there is further copper with tiny calcite crystals - a few isolated copper crystals are also attached to the main display.

The upper edge of the specimen is terminated, but has been interrupted by a deposition of sugary calcite and copper, or rather the last phase of crystallisation has not fully covered this.

There are a few points of wear or marks, but really the piece is very good.

Locality is pasted to the base, by comparison it looks very similar to some specimens from Quincy mine.

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Photo added: 26th May 2010

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