Goethite : α-Fe3+O(OH)

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Goethite : α-Fe3+O(OH)

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Dimensions: 2" wide

An ironstone concretion ("indian paintpot") with just a bit of one end opened, revealing one of the odd interior formations.

The Licking River in Washington Twp, Licking County, Ohio is littered with ironstone concretions, varying in size from a pea to a watermelon. The predominant mineral is goethite. Some have fossils at the core, others seem to have formed around existing stones, and others have a soft powdery clay within which botryoidal forms grew.

This specimen was collected from the Licking River behind the Velvet Ice Cream factory. The location is a 30 minute drive from the more famous Flint Ridge area. As a river find, the specimen could have been washed down from somewhere upstream. July 2010.

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