Purpurite : (Mn3+,Fe3+)PO4

minID: Y78-NL0

Purpurite : (Mn3+,Fe3+)PO4

A 2.5 cm Purpurite mass on quartz from the summit of Black Mountain in Rumford, Maine collected by Douglas Watts in 1993 from an unprospected, highly weathered simple pegmatite (white beryl/quartz/muscovite/purpurite). The specimen was lightly treated with oxalic acid to brighten the purpurite. This area is nearby and most likely related to the pegmatite at the Brown/Thurston prospect, another purpurite locality on Black Mountain. King and Foord (1994) reported Black Mountain 'purpurite' is nearly 50/50 heterosite/purpurite.

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Photo added: 22nd May 2011