Minerals Of Canada Case


Minerals Of Canada Case

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Showcase of specimens from the collection of Robert Beckett (Ontario). There is one specimen to represent each of the Provinces and Territories.
Back row (left to right): galena and sphalerite from the Polaris Mine, Nunavut; Lazulite from Rapid Creek, Yukon; fluorite from Daniel's Harbour, Noufoundland; chalcopyrite from Vancouver Island BC; amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario

Middle: grossular from the Jeffrey Mine, Quebec; Marcasite from the Nanisivik Mine, NWT; copper crystals from the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia; stibnite from the Lake George Antimony Mine, New Brunswick

Front: selenite from the Chain Lakes, Alberta; Dolomite on quartz from Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan; quartz (Japan-law twin) from Foley Mountain, BC, I believe - hmmm, Bob snuck an extra in there, I'll have to ask him...; millerite from the Thompson Mine, Manitoba; and yes, that is a PEI potato, but that's all I'm permitted to say about it.

On display at the 2011 Bancroft Gemboree.

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