Rhodochrosite : MnCO3, Baryte : BaSO4

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Rhodochrosite : MnCO3, Baryte : BaSO4

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Dimensions: 6 cm x 5.3 cm x 2.7 cm

This specimen has overall, visually, the largest surface area of any crystal in the lot, and shows dramatically when backlit even a little bit. It is complete and undamaged all around, and is a floater with no attachment points. The dominant crystal sits perpendicularly on a "nest" of smaller crystals, themselves 3-dimensional, juicy, and complete all around as well so that the whole piece is a floater. It is more dramatic in person. I suspect that this would come to be considered to be a fairly significant Chinese rhodo, down the road. Even by worldwide standards, it is incredible - are they gemmy, super lustrous , like Sweet Home? No. But, they are a different beast entirely, and the novel form and unusual crystallization really makes them stand on their own merits as great rhodos. Lastly, this piece LOOKS twinned, and we have a debate on whether this is an illusion or real twinning about its central plane. Again, an unusual beast! It is BETTER IN PERSON 6 x 5.3 x 2.7 cm

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Photo added: 20th Dec 2006