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Type Locality Report for Rome Province, Latium, Italy

Lake Nemi, Alban Hills, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
Haüyne▪ Bruun-Neergard, T.C. (1807): Ueber den Hauyn (la Hauyne), eine neue mineralische Substanz. Journal des Mines, 21, 365-380.
Hannibal Fields, Rocca di Papa, Alban Hills, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
Latiumite• Tilley, C.E. & Henry, N.F.M. (1953): Latiumite (sulphatic potassium-calcium-aluminum silicate), a new mineral from Albano, Latium, Italy. Mineralogical Magazine, 30, 39-45.
Cesano No. 1 well, Cesano geothermal field, Bracciano Lake, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
CesaniteMineralogical Magazine 1981 44 : 269-273.
Capo di Bove, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
GismondineNJMM (1990), 467
Phillipsite-KThe Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 35, pp. 1571-1606 (1997)
SpadaiteGelehrte Anz. München (1863) 17, 945
Nettuno, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
Perrierite-(Ce)Bonatti S., Gottardi G. (1950): Perrierite, nuovo minerale ritrovato nella sabbia di Nettuno, Rend. Acc. dei Lincei, 9, 6, 361-368
Stracciacappe caldera, Rome, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
FantappièiteBellatreccia, F., Cámara, F., Della Ventura, G., Mottana, A.P., Bindi, L., Mickey, G.E., Sebastiani, M. (2010): Fantappièite, a new mineral of the cancrinite-sodalite group with a 33-layer stacking sequence: occurrence and crystal structure. American Mineralogist, 95, 472-480.
Mt Cavalluccio, Campagnano di Roma, Sacrofano Caldera, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
AlloriiteIMA website
Mottanaite-(Ce)American Mineralogist (2002): 87: 739-744, 745-752.
Sacrofano, Sacrofano Caldera, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
MarinelliteE. Bonaccorsi & P. Orlandi (2003): Marinellite, e new feldspathoid of the cancrinite-sodalite group.- Eur. Journ. Mineral. 15, 1019-1027
Peprossiite-(Ce)Della Ventura, G., Parodi, G.C., Mottana, A., and Chaussidon, M. (1993) Peprossiite-(Ce), a new mineral from Campagnano (Italy): the first anhydrous rare-earth-element borate. European Journal of Mineralogy: 5: 53-58.
Biachella Valley, Sacrofano, Sacrofano Caldera, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
BiachellaiteChukanov, N.V., et al., ZRMO 137(3),57-66(2008)
KircheriteBellatreccia, F., Cámara, F., Della Ventura, G., Gunter, M.E., Cavallo, A., Sebastiani, m. (2009): Kircherite, a new cancrinite-sodalite group mineral from Sacrofano (Rome, Italy). HP-HT Laboratory of Experimental Volcanology and Geophysics, 2009 Annual Report, 2009, Report I 38.
Allumiere Quarries, Allumiere, Tolfa Mts District, Rome Province, Latium, Italy
AlunitePalache, C., Berman, H., & Frondel, C. (1951), The System of Mineralogy of James Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana, Yale University 1837-1892, Volume II: 559; Lombardi, G. (1967): Ricerche su rocce alunitiche del settore di Tolfa-Allumiere (Lazio). Periodico di Mineralogia – Roma, 399-462.
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