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Tobias Martin

Registered member since 7th Jun 2006

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Tobias Martin

Passionate mineral collector for more than 20 years. My passion for the wonderful world of minerals began when I visited the Mineral Museum of my hometown Marburg (Germany) as a child. I started systematic collecting and tried to accumulate as many different minerals as possible, but soon realized that the beauty of certain minerals meant more to me than the diversity of hundreds or thousands. So I gave up the systematic collecting after a few years and began to put my focus on aesthetic minerals from all over the world. My favourites are:

The one and only fluorite

My most favourite mineral because of its many different colours and shapes and the fact that it comes from so many different localities in the world. My homeland Germany has a lot of famous old fluorite localities, so this mineral plays an important role in the country's long mining history.
Varieties of quartz

Quartz, though actually a common mineral, occurs in spectacular shapes and sizes and thus is desired by many advanced collectors. Among its many varieties, I concentrate on rock crystal, amethyst and especially smoky quartz.
The gem minerals tourmaline, beryl, garnet & topaz

These well-known gem minerals from the group of silicates are among the most desired minerals for many collectors. Especially the colourful variety tourmaline variety elbaite and the the famous beryls aquamarine and emerald fascinate me.
Galena, pyrite & other sulfides

The lead ore galena and the iron ore pyrite impress me because these sulfidic minerals combine an aesthetic cubic shape with a historical importance for mankind, this also applies to other sulfides like sphalerite or chalkopyrite.
Minerals from the apatite group: fluorapatite, pyromorphite, mimetite & vanadinite

The colourful minerals of the apatite group occur in hexagonal shape and thus are very appealing objects of desire for many collectors. My favourite from this group is the mostly green lead ore pyromorphite, especially because my homeland Germany holds many famous localities for this mineral including the type locality.

The beautiful lead ore wulfenite that appears in red, orange or yellow blades always fascinated mineral collectors and still belongs to the most desired species in the whole mineral world.

One of the most common minerals on the world, nevertheless calcite often occurs in appealing shapes so that it is a very nice and diversified mineral to collect.


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