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Some short notes on my mineralogical curriculum vitae.
I was born 1964 and started collecting minerals 1976. My first experiences were very impressive to me. We were a group of 3 friends who went underground in many different, long abandoned mines in Austria almost every weekend, resulting in a large collection within few years.

After those fascinating years as a newby I realized that I have to specialize in my hobby. I bought a stereo microscope, a simple Euromex from the first money I earned. Funny fact -I still use it for quick overviews over fresh cut material. I also started with precise documentation of my fast growing collection and trips.

From 1983-86 I attended the Mining University of Leoben, Styria, but changed to chemistry afterwards. I`m still very thankful for my working duty during that time in the famous lead mine of Bad Bleiberg, Carinthia, (was still active then!) which was a great experience for me.

My collecting method nowadays is very specific and organized. I like to search for unknown places in Austria; places that never have been researched before by a micromounter (we have hundreds of those here in Austria), mainly historic (long forgotten) mines, especially with rare ore-secundary parageneses. I prefer complete systematical collections from such places, I`m NOT interested in the best or the most! My researching leads also to publications in specific mineralogical lierature, mainly in Carinthia II and Steirischer Mineralog.

Normally I don`t attend any mineral shows as its almost impossible to get specimen I like and don`t have already in my collection. In 2011 I was able to buy major parts of two micro collections from Austria (coll.Metzger and Indra - together about 12.000 specimen). Many micros and thumbnails are absolutely unique and I`ll try to add pics from them here on mindat. In 2012 I purchased the large collection of Alfred Pichler, author of those classic books about mining in Carinthia (+/- 5000 TN sized specimen).

In 2004 I bought a better stereomicroscope, a Wild M8 with plan optics which I use as standard scope. I`ve added a Wild M420 photo macroscope with apozoom lense, a Nikon D700 camera and a stackshot rail to make pictures of my specimen.

In 2012 my job situation changed dramatically and I`m working now for the Geological Survey of Austria; main themes are REM-EDS research and our classic ore sample collection.

I`m more than thankful to my wife Eve that she accepts my maniac hobby :-)


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