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Nearest Localities to Hortense Hot Spring, Chalk Creek District, Chaffee Co., Colorado, USA

Unnamed Prospects Royal Bo (Riegal) Lucky John No. 2 Mine Old Glory claim (Last Chance prospect; Last Chance Spar-Mica Dyke prospect) Riegel Feldspar prospect Northern View (Rose of Sharon) Abe Lincoln No. 2 occurrence Golden Wonder Mine Mica-Beryl Mine (MRDS - 10013705) Unnamed Pegmatite prospect [1] Turret Deposit Glenn Lamberg Feldspar Deposit Unnamed Graphite Deposit (MRDS - 10013948) Coffey Pot Claims Combination Prospect (Allard Beryllium Prospect) Vivandiere Mine M and W Buckley Hill Unidentified Monazite Occurrence (MRDS - 10018146) Copper King Mine (E.W.; Turret Deposit) Mizpah Gold Mine Clora May Mine (Mina Blanca; Clara May lode) Independence Mine Newett Quarries Sunset Shirley No. 3 Nutmeg Mascot Herskberger Tunnel Golden Island Dangerfield Sedalia Mine (Jackpot Adit; Adits Nos. 1-3; Dewey Adit; Sedalia Copper Mine) Unnamed Manganese Deposit (MRDS - 10013768) American Flag Mine (Anaconda Mine; Ethel Consolidation Mine; Crete Mine; Holdredge Mine) Ace High - Jackpot Prospect Unnamed Manganese Deposit (MRDS - 10090938) Unnamed Fluorspar Deposit (MRDS - 10013781) Liberty Hill Mine (Walter Higham Unnamed Manganese Deposit (MRDS - 10087826) Unnamed Manganese Deposits Unnamed Fluorspar Deposit (1) Wonder Lode Jack Rabbit Group Condor Unnamed Fluorspar Deposit (MRDS - 10013780) Tung Ash Mine Crystal No. 8 Mine (Luella Mine) Walter Higham Mine Unnamed Fluorspar Deposit (2) Unnamed Fluorspar Deposit (MRDS - 10087834) Unidentified Monazite Occurrence (MRDS - 10018145) Lower Browns Creek Placer Nachtrieb pegmatite Lower Arkansas River Placers Last Chance Mine (Lower Adit; Kramer Mine; Adit No. 1; Adit No. 2) Colorado - American Mine (West Vein; Trefone Adit; East Vein; American Shaft; Mill Adit; Branch or Collins Vein) Alderman Deposit Joe Robesnick Colorado Fluorspar Company Mine Manganese Occurrence (MRDS - 10018346) Lionell Occurrence Browns Canyon (Dostal Mine) Arkansas Claim (American Fluorspar Mine; Bapp Mine) Picuris Placer Mine Puzzle mine Fluorspar Syndicate Blue Stone Deposit Snowflake Deposit White King Deposit Curly Lee Shaft Chimney Hill Mine (Morgan Ranch Deposits; Manganese Hill) Bancroft Incline Hill Top Speedy Mine Pleistocene volcanic ash Unidentified Arkansas River Placer Deposit (MRDS - 10091455) Ben Hill Mine Buena Vista Buena Vista Occurrence Yellow Bird Sunset Shaft Quaker Mary A Claims Little Annie Eureka Mountain Doris Ruby Group Blakes Wonder Placer Big Chief Tunnel Be True Annie C Tom Collins Shannon Last Chance Futurity Hortense Hot Spring Unknown Clay Occurrence (MRDS - 10018165) Geneva Claim (2) Lachaw Mine Atlas Group Sitting Bull Lucky Mine Mt Antero Lienhart Mine Lehigh Grand Duke Zulu Shaft Tilden West Face Clinton Mine Missouri Boy Mine Mound Mine (Atlantic) Major Mine Elmer McMurray Dumpite DMD Occurrence Fraction Mine Garfield Quarry Lilly Mine Song Bird Mine Shamrock Mine Unknown Molybdenum Occurrence (MRDS - 10017157) Rainbow - Eagle Bird Mine Pinyon Mine Bonnie Belle Mine New York Mine Last Chance Mine Page Jewel Tunnel & Mining Company Occurrence Iron Duke Desdemona Brighton Mine Darling Mine Golden Age Mine Columbus Mine Pilgrim Group Moss Flower (Silver King Occurrence; Half Moon Occurrence) Irishwood Esther Little Charm Mine Nest Egg Occurrence Fairview Uncle Sam Mine (Cyclone Creek) Thirty-Six-Thirty Mount Aetna Molybdenum Prospect (Monarch Molybdenum Property; D & G Mining Property) Royal Purple Occurrence Copper King Pride of the West Longfellow Claim Gladstone Mine Legal Tender Occurrence D. A. Moore Mason Occurrence Rolla Rarus Warrior Mine Ole Bull Maple Leaf Forward Gold Mining Colorado Gold Mining Alpine No. One Alie Belle Matilda Black Hawk South Quartz Creek Mason Mine Browns Cabin Holy Water Mine Unknown Molybdenum Occurrence (MRDS - 10016421) Fort Scott (Oddie; Moore; D. A. Mason Occurrence) Defiance Bill Short Unknown Gold (MRDS - 10215255) Murcer Mercury Copper Hill Occurrence (Clover Mtn.) Stonewall Shaft Princeton and Blackhawk Mine Magna Charta Tunnel Occurrence Little Maud; Clinton; Silver Gem; Eastman; San Juan; Uncle Sam Occurrence Lewiston - Pet High Mucka Muck; Jas. G. Blaine Hiawatha Occurrence Day Star Occurrence

+Hortense Hot Spring

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