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Nearest Localities to Tarry claim, Aetna Springs, East Mayacmas District, Mayacmas Mts (Mayacamas Mts), Napa Co., California, USA

Russell deposit Berthenia Mine White Angel Mine Soda Valley Unnamed Hg prospect (15) Priest Mine Unnamed Hg occurrence (19) Blue Jay; Last Chance; & Trout Creek claims Graves Ranch Mine (Graves Ranch deposit) Dottie D.; Mistake; Cedar Rough; & Meadow claims Honolulu Lady claim Unnamed Chromite prospect (5) Unnamed Magnesite deposit (1) Unnamed Hg occurrence (18) Unnamed Cr prospect (15) Samuel Springs Maltby No. 2 Mine (Blanco and Snowflake Mine) Meadow prospect Cedar Rough prospect Linnie P prospect Cigarette Mine Lewis claim Eagle; Hampton; Viola; Lost Horse; & Lizzie P. claims Buzzard & Buzzard No. 2 claims Adams and Westendorf claims Nevada claim Chiles Valley (Chile Valley) Blue Monday claim (Surpise; Searchlight) Unnamed Cr prospect (17) Powers prospect Hampton prospect Unnamed Hg prospect pit (1) Unnamed Cr occurrence (7) Dollerhyde claim Redington Mine (Boston Mine; Knoxville Mine; Excellsior Mine) Knoxville Unnamed Cr prospect (1) Mullaly Mine Elder claim Moore Mine (Marshall and Vanderbilt claims) Unnamed Hg occurrence (3) Unnamed Cr prospect (2) Paul Lombardi Mine Unnamed Hg occurrence (10) Turner Mine Unnamed Chromite occurrence (4) Unnamed Hg occurrence (17) Hightower claim Ferris claim Chrome Center claim Wallace prospect Unnamed Hg occurrence (4) Unnamed Cr prospect (14) McLaughlin Mine (Manhattan Mine) Juniper group White Rock occurrence Crystal Creek claim Graves Mine Grey claim (Grey Mine) White Rock Mine (Pope Valley Mine; Walters Mine) Unnamed Cr occurrence (8) Unnamed Cr occurrence (11) Unnamed Cr occurrence (9) Unnamed Hg occurrence (5) Unnamed Cr occurrence (3) Black Hawk claim Unnamed Hg occurrence (11) Northern Light Mine Northern Light prospect Reeve claims Unnamed Hg occurrence (1) Red Elephant Mine Moore Creek prospect (Manganese Ridge prospect) Hunting Creek Canyon Herman prospect (Smythe prospect) Pope Valley Howell Mountain Rice & Jacobson (Ries and Jacobsen) Whitney Mine Unnamed Cr prospect (13) Astute Mine Unnamed Hg occurrence (18) Unnamed Mineral Pigments occurrence (1) Rattlesnake deposit Unnamed Perlite occurrence (1) Napa Copper Mine Geyser Rock occurrence Angwin Tarry claim Fourth of July claim Enterprise Engineering Company - Pope Creek placers (Pope Creek placers) Enterprise Engineering Company Placer Mine Unnamed Cr occurrence (10) Liberty occurrence Unnamed Mn occurrence (1) Unnamed Mn occurrence (2) Pies and Jacobsen property Glad I Found You No. 2 claim Unknown Cr occurrence (9) Williamson Lease Mine Unnamed Fe occurrence (1) Unnamed Hg occurrence (14) Unnamed Hg occurrence (7) Unnamed Hg occurrence (7) Unnamed Cr mine (6) Butler claims Glad I Found It claim James Creek Hastings prospect Aetna Springs Unnamed Mn occurrence (3) Unnamed Hg occurrence (12) Glass Mountain deposit Philadelphia Mine Aetna Mine James Creek placer (Patten claims) McCreary Lake Granada Mine (Switzer Mine; Toyon Mine) Aetna Extension Mine S. Lenz and Son Basalt Quarry and plant Mastick Ranch deposits Unnamed Hg occurrence (6) Scott Ranch property Valley Mine (Lidell Mine) Ivanhoe Mine (Mount St. Helena Mine; Patten Mine) Unnamed Hg occurrence (8) Cavagnaro prospect Oat Hill Extension Mine (Anderson Mine) Detert Reservoir area Detert Reservoir Oat Hill Mines R. H. Travis and Associates property Twin Peaks Twin Peaks Mine Calistoga Hot Springs Corona Mines (Vallejo Mines) Unnamed stone occurrence (3) Unnamed stone occurrence (5) Hidden Valley Lake Kellett Mine Magnola Mine Unnamed Hg occurrence (6) The Palisades [range] Hardister Mine (Rich Hill Mine; McGuire Peak Mine; Hardester Mine; Bucksnorter Mine) Clark and March Kaolin Mine Calistoga Unnamed Ag occurrence (1) Kangaroo Court Mine Calistoga Mine (Silverado Mine; Palisade Mine; Palisades Mine; Grigsby Mine) Plymouth Mine Mirabel Mine (Standard Mine; Bradford shaft; Great Eastern shaft) Sutro Mine Placer Realty Corporation property Joyce Mine Bullion Mine Otto-Bullion Mine (Otto Mine) Big Canyon (Big Canyon Creek) Middletown Dry Creek Emmet Jones VSTO-Bullion Mine Holmstatt deposit (Holmstedt deposit) Hughes-Bradbury Mine Dunkin Lode Mine Maypole occurrence Mount Saint Helena Mayacmas Mts (Mayacamas Mts) Unnamed Asbestos prospect (2) Yellowjacket Mine Copsey claims (Manzanita; Uncle Josh claims; Mint; Coppey claim) Unnamed Asbestos prospect (1) Great Western Mine (Laguna Western; Black Bart Mine; Tucker lease) Mark West Shale Quarry (Mark West Shale pit and mill) Midway Mine (Wilkinson Brothers Mine) Juanita occurrence Harp and Sons Ranch deposits Smythe Manganese prospect Downey Estate prospect Unnamed Hg prospect (7) Von Glahn prospects (Henry Von claim)

+Tarry claim

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