Tugtupite, Chkalovite, Vuonnemite, Umbozerite

Specimen ID: 0CU-ULF

Tugtupite : Na4BeAlSi4O12Cl
Chkalovite : Na2BeSi2O6
Vuonnemite : Na11Ti4+Nb2(Si2O7)2(PO4)2O3(F,OH)
Umbozerite : Na3Sr4Th[Si(O,OH)3-4]8
As recorded:
Shkatulka pegmatite, Umbozero mine, Alluaiv Mt, Lovozersky District, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
Mindat locality:

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Pink rims of tugtupite replace outer parts of large grains of white chkalovite. Associating minerals are beige tabular crystals of fresh transparent vuonnemite, yellow cleiophane and dark-grey to black altered umbozerite. Specimen size is 6.5x3.5 cm and its radioactivity is 112 μR/h. Collected by Leonid A. Pautov in July of 2000. Pavel M. Kartashov collection and photo.
Pavel Kartashov - 17th July 2008
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