Neptunite in Natrolite with Joaquinite and Crossite

Specimen ID: 10N-U5F

Neptunite in Natrolite with Joaquinite and Crossite
As recorded:
Benitoite gem mine, Iridia, San Benito Co., California, United States
60mm x 43mm
Great contrast with sharp and lustrous Neptunites against the white natrolite. Dozens of micro crystals are on board with lots of the rare mineral Joaquinite. The largest neptunites reach 2 CM and show reddish highlights with good lighting. Most crystals are perfect and terminated, but there is damage to 2 crystals. These could be removed to make a "perfect" specimen but they are not bothersome to me and the overall impact is fine. Older material collected in the 60's.
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