Spodumene (Var: Kunzite), Spodumene (Var: Kunzite)

Specimen ID: 15X-4CM

Spodumene (Var: Kunzite) : LiAlSi2O6
Spodumene (Var: Kunzite) : LiAlSi2O6
As recorded:
Anita Mine, Hiriart Mountain, Pala, Pala Mining District, San Diego County, California, USA
Mindat locality:
13.9cm x 7.3cm x 1.8cm

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This 302-gram crystal has incredibly good form and an excellent top termination for a San Diego kunzite. It is actually a floater, though the bottom termination is not as fine as the top one is. It has rich Pala-quality color down the c-axis (as does the fatter crystal below) though is sharper in form overall. The Anite Mine is a small modern reworking into the classic old lodes, but produced very few specimens of this magnitude. This particular piece was obtained from the collection of Roland Reed, owner of the nearby Elizabeth R Mine. It should be considered an important crystal due to its size and quality. 13.9 x 7.3 x 1.8 cm
Robert Lavinsky - 30th November 2000
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